News A Look at Three Cat Food Brands: Fancy Feast®,...

A Look at Three Cat Food Brands: Fancy Feast®, Friskies® and Meow Mix®


If you are in the market for cat food, you know that there are so many brands available out there that your head is probably spinning just thinking about it. Today, we are going to take a look at three brands of cat food: Fancy Feast®, Friskies® and Meow Mix®.

Fancy Feast and Friskies

Fancy Feast® and Friskies® are part of Purina Company. Purina Company, in turn, is part of Nestlé. Nestlé also owns Cat Chow, Friskies, Purina and other pet food companies all around the world including:

Bakers Complete
Beggin’ Strips
Chef’s Blend
Chuck Wagon
Dog Chow
Kitten Chow,
Mighty Dog
Mon Petit
Purina Pro Plan
Tender Vittles
Waggin Train

Nestlé’s and Purina’s Story Summarised

Nestle began in the middle of the 1860s and has grown since then both in the pet line and human line. Purina was founded in 1893 and merged with Nestle Purina PetCare Company in 2001. These companies are now world wide and well received in the pet food market.

Fancy Feast® and Friskies® on

There are 1,546 results returned for a search for Fancy Feast® on and 627 for Friskies®. Prices range from 0.80 for a can of pâté to $111.77 for a four 12-pound bags of dry cat food for Fancy Feast® and from $0.69 for a can of cat pâté to $62.95 for a 6-pack of dry ration for Friskies®. For example, you can

buy Friskies® Classic Paté – Turkey & Giblets Dinner – 24 x 13.2 oz for $62.85A Look at Three Cat Food Brands: Fancy Feast®, Friskies® and Meow Mix®

A Look at Three Cat Food Brands: Fancy Feast®, Friskies® and Meow Mix®

and Fancy Feast® Gourmet Cat Food, Variety Pack, 3-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24) for $13.43.

A Look at Three Cat Food Brands: Fancy Feast®, Friskies® and Meow Mix®

A Look at Fancy Feast® Product Line

Fancy Feast® produces a dry cat food product line called Gourmet Cat food and includes the following flavours:

Filet Mignon Flavor With Real Seafood & Shrimp,
Ocean Fish & Salmon And Accents Of Garden Greens
Savory Chicken & Turkey

Their wet cat food lines include Fancy Feast Appetizers, Fancy Feast classic pâtés and Elegant Medleys in a variety of flavours. Fancy Feast Appetizers includes:

Flaked Skipjack Tuna
Sea Bass & Shrimp
Steamed Titapia
Steamed Wild Alaskan Salmon
Tender Tongol Tuna
White Meat Chicken & Beef
White Meat Chicken & Tuna
White Meat Chicken

A Look at Friskies® Product Line

Friskies® produces both wet and dry food as well. Their product line for cat food includes the Classic Pâtés, Flaked, Gravy Sensations, Meaty Bits, Prime Filets, Savory Shreds, Senior Diet and Tasty Treasures.

Their line of Classic Pâté flavours include:

Chicken & Tuna Dinner
Classic Seafood Entree
Country Style Dinner
Liver & Chicken
Mariner’s Catch
Mixed Grill
Ocean Whitefish & Tuna
Poultry Platter
Salmon Dinner
Sea Captain’s Choice
Supreme Supper
Turkey & Giblets Dinner

A Brief History: Meow Mix

Meow Mix® is owned by Del Monte Company. Del Monte began as a company in 1886. Del Monte Foods Company has headquarters in San Francisco, CA and over 1000 employees.
Del Monte also owns the following brand names:

Kibbles ‘n Bits,
Gravy Train,
Nature’s Recipe
Canine Carry-Outs

A Look at Meow Mix® Product Lines

A search for Meow Mix on returns 156 results. Prices for Meow Mix products vary from $0.75 for pâté to $38.82 for dry ration. For example,

a 12-pack of Indoor Formula Dry Cat Food bags weighing 3.15 pounds each goes for $123.60 on A Look at Three Cat Food Brands: Fancy Feast®, Friskies® and Meow Mix®

A Look at Three Cat Food Brands: Fancy Feast®, Friskies® and Meow Mix®

Their product line includes dry cat food, Tender FavoritesTM and Variety packs.

Final Thoughts

What cat food you feed your cat is as important as what you, yourself eat. Make sure that you do your homework, so to speak, and research cat food companies.

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A Look at Three Cat Food Brands: Fancy Feast®, Friskies® and Meow Mix®
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