News A Million Different Things: Noon, Meditation #9

A Million Different Things: Noon, Meditation #9


Meditation #9 is from the middle section, Noon, in this free serialization of my book, A Million Different Things: Meditations of The World’s Happiest Man, and concerns itself with physical self-awreness. A full index for the articles so far can be found at: Gift of A Million Different Things

David Stone, Writer

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Meditation #9, Fifty-trillion Cells

Among the many things I appreciate–actually, I’m closer to being in awe–is the most intimate example of that mysterious thing called life that we get to look at: ourselves. Reliable estimates suggest as many as fifty-trillion cells are part of our physical make-up. Our cells participate in systems interacting and converging to power that startling clump of matter known everywhere as “me.”

So much of us happens without conscious awareness, I started my discoveries by paying attention to actions I’d taken for granted but of which I could be more conscious. The first thing I focused on was how my muscles and bones, from foot to neck, executed the allegedly simple act of walking, something I probably spent more time doing than any other single activity. I’d make myself aware of my feet pressing against the cushioning in my shoes, muscles and bones spreading to accept two-hundred pounds of me meeting pavement. My ankles expressed their complexity as the they turned, jostled and twisted to absorb repetitive motions and pass them modified into the structures reaching up to my knees… I’ll leave the rest of the practice to your development, but you get the idea. Pay attention to whatever you know is going on in your body. It is yours, wholly, by the way. It’s all you and all impressive. You might find yourself amazed at having been designed so well. The whole thing works and has myriad internal, interlocked harmonies of it’s own.

To become more fully aware, some study is advisable. Discovering our hearts and lungs or endocrine systems is probably not possible without some guidance, but knowing more about how the whole machine works can be an eye-opener. Any bookstore has biology titles enough to keep imaginations churning, and audio lectures are available in places like iTunes that can make learning ever more comfortable. Becoming stimulated enough to dig deeper and understand more is not so rare. Like, how did this collection of fifty-trillion cells, standing defiant against entropy, come to write the Kama Sutra or Mozart’s G Minor Symphony? How do we know so much without learning it? These questions can take us on rides more exciting than those at any fair in the country.

They can take us into the miracle of “me.”
A Million Different Things: Noon, Meditation #9
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A Million Different Things: Noon, Meditation #9
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