A New Abraham-Hicks Scam: LIVE Is Now Dead. An Update

Is Abraham LIVE A New Abraham Hicks Scam?

You’ve got to give the creative team at Abraham-Hicks credit for the sheer gall of it. They are not easily deterred, and when it comes time for the newest Abraham-Hicks Scam, they show they can be even more outrageous in their marketing energy than ever. Abraham LIVE is nearly breathtaking in its inventive techniques for luring and overcharging cult followers.

Since initiallly publishing this, the fact of Jerry Hicks’ battle with leukemia has become widely known, although Eshter and Jerry Hicks have yet to admit outright what everyone knows. Jerry Hicks has cancer and has fought back with ‘heavy chemotherapy,’ a fact they clearly state without saying it’s for a disease that would contradict the teachings of Abraham that have made them wealthy spiritual speakers.

Update: 9/29/2011 LIVE (Now known as Global Broadcast) is dead. After struggling with technical difficulties and probably with declining registrations, LIVE will go into hiatus after October 1. With no workshops or cruises scheduled after December, it seems likely the whole operation will be busy reinventing itself for some new initiatives in 2012.

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Cult followers?

Who else, in all honestly, would fall for the gimmicks and be willing to pay the prices?

Not long ago, a headline read ‘Pay-Per-View price should knock out the fans,’ when they were asked to pay ‘$54.95 (yes, $54.95)’ to watch Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao in The Dream Fight, a one time event that had fans of mayem hungry for more.

Quoting the folks at Abraham-Hicks about any of a series of similar events: ‘Just as there is a fee for physical attendance at an Abraham-Hicks workshop, there is also a fee for virtual attendance at Abraham LIVE as well – $74.95,’ which is a sort of bargain when compared to the ‘at the door’ price for attendance of $245, only $80 an hour for group enlightenment, and you get free snacks.

Now, that’s a high price, but there are benefits: This event ‘…does not force you to wait in line at the restrooms during breaks!’ And: ‘…Gaining alignment and inspiration while still in your pajamas!’

Oh, and the big bonus: you will be offered the chance to buy an audio recording of the event at ‘the attendee discount price ($35.00 USD).’ Yes, audio. For roughly fifteen times the price of your basic movie download, you can get the audio. Not only is the video not available for recording, for your $74.95, you can get it on-demand for a limited twenty-four hour period.

In comparison, for the comparable length classic movie Gone With The Wind, you may, as of this writing, pay only $9.99 to keep it and play it on anything as often as you like.

Maybe I’m not seeing this fairly. And by the way, I should add that Jerry Hicks has taken the trouble to restructure the format for the workshops to better accommodate online viewers, to get everything over more quickly, with shorter breaks, etc. This might seem a little canny to the jaundiced view of a debunker, but Jerry took the trouble to discuss these changes with Abraham. Here is what Abraham-Hicks said:

‘The majority of your events are held on weekends, and for many people these events compete with many other things they want or need to do. Because your seminars will now end by 1PM, people will have the afternoon to do those other things.

The momentum of Energy building will begin with the first segment and continue to rise with no loss of momentum during the lunch segment. And so, there will be a noticeable advantage to moving from Segment 1, to Segment 2, to Segment 3.

Most people do not yet understand that this new time structure will yield them more physical comfort, a higher Vibrational Energy maintained throughout the gathering, and overall a fuller experience inside the Vortex. Your decision to broadcast to a worldwide audience has guided you to an even better experience for those who are sitting in the room. You will see. You will like it. And for that reason, we encourage you to restructure all of your events, not only those that will be broadcast worldwide.’

But, in fairness, if I’m going to openly call this another Abraham-Hicks Scam, I’ll share with you quotes from attendees offered by Abraham-Hicks to promote Abraham LIVE. (Nevermind that they have a long list of endorsements without having had a first show, and suspend the disbelief that comes with Jerry Hicks’ insistence that they don’t bother to promote their goods or workshops, it will go down better. Here they are, direct from Abraham-Hicks.

“It will suck you right into the Vortex!” – Newport, RI, USA (Your money is probably already been sucked. DS)

“The connection that you make with people from all over the world, REAL TIME, was MAGICAL!!!” – Mary, Cleveland, OH, USA

(I found it interesting how some of the ‘reviews’ reflected the sales pitch for Abraham LIVE… DS)

“The live broadcast is very close to the actual experience of a workshop, without the travel. It has a special “now” feeling about it that DVDs don’t match.” – Catherine, Kingston, NM, USA

“Very similar to being in the room but you don’t have to rush to the bathroom during the breaks.” – San Diego, CA, USA

“It was really fun to attend in the comfort of my living room!” – Los Angeles, CA, USA

“Next best thing to being in the room, esp if you aren’t able to travel long distances to an event.” – Niceville, FL, USA

(Okay, so, I have a favorite. This person has ponied up cash for five cruised and four workshops! But it’s not a cult. DS)

“After attending 5 cruise workshops and 4 on land workshops, this was the most personal interaction with Abraham I ever had.” – Dublin, Ireland

Abraham-Hicks 2 for 1 Sale shirt

Abraham-Hicks 2 for 1 Sale by davestone13 I Survived Esther Hicks and Abrahan shirt
I Survived Esther Hicks and Abrahan by davestone13

Is Abraham-Hicks A Scam?

It’s a good question, but a better one might be, why does the media (New York Times, for example) and the talking heads (most notably Oprah Winfrey) give them a free pass without the blink of an eye, despite their many contradictions and dubious claims?

Are we to believe that ‘a nonphysical entity,’ Abraham, comprised of approximate one-hundred individuals, one being Jesus, has chosen to speak exclusively through Esther Hicks and her Amway-trained husband, Jerry, at seminars for which they charge outlandish fees and in books they claim are actually channeled? Even as it has been proven by Kyra Speaks that Abraham-Hicks has ‘borrowed’ every principle being preached from their originators, even including the term ‘law of attraction?’

Oh, and by the way, they don’t use ‘law of attraction’ so much anymore. Jerry and Esther Hicks failed in an attempt to claim a trademark, primarily because it was never a slogan they initiated. They now use ‘vortex of attraction’ more freely, an ungainly term they’ve parlayed into guided meditations and now Abraham LIVE, the newest Abraham-Hicks Scam.

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