News A new Solar Plant for China

A new Solar Plant for China


A concentrated photovoltaic project (CPV) of 20 megawatts in Hami, a city on the edge of the Gobi Desert in the Chinese province of Xinjiang, has secured a funding of 200 million yuan (about 32.7 million) from China Development Bank (CDB).

This industrial size project, which the central driver of 3 MW initially was announced by Focusic and Soitec in 2011, is the first based on CPV technology to receive a loan from China Development Bank. It is also the first major central CPV granted such funding in China.
‘We are very pleased to receive this very important funding to install our first 20 MWp CPV Central’ said Ma WENXING, CEO of Focusic. ‘The pilot plant using technology from Soitec has proved perfectly suited to the northwest of our country, we now look forward to us connect to the network and begin to generate electricity.’

The French Soitec’s mission is to provide for the entire project, the new generation of its high performance modules. To date, states have ordered Focusic 8.5 MWp to 20 MWp.
On an installed capacity of 3 MW, the plant should start to feed the local power grid by the end of this year. Electrical capacity should then gradually climb; including a new tranche that should be completed by 2014.

‘The CPV can play an important role in achieving the objectives of renewable energy in China’ said Gaetan Borgers, vice president of Soitec’s Solar Energy division. “This is a very important step in our growth strategy and proofs our technology’s power. As we continue our work with Focusic, we look forward to developing projects in China.’
With an efficiency up to more than 30% of installation and low maintenance costs, CPV technology remains a competitive solution for producing large volumes of electricity in areas with a high rate of sunshine (DNI). Such regions represent an area of about 1.3 million km ² in China. Moreover, the Chinese electricity demand is considerable and keeps on growing.

Already installed in 18 countries around the world, Soitec CPV technology has proven its value to produce solar energy at a competitive cost, thanks to a yield higher production during daylight hours. Operating at high ambient temperatures without the need for cooling water, its impact on the environment is minimal, making it perfectly suited for use in desert areas.

Written by Greenshine New Energy, solar street lighting solution for commercial area and business complex. Visit our website.

A new Solar Plant for China
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