A Parent's Voice: The Greatest Challenge of Baby's First Year

Being a new parent is just like a baby who’s starting to grow. As each day passes while taking care of an infant, the parents also learn new methods and more about their newborn child. These will be gained especially when challenges are experienced and faced, and the following are the three greatest challenges that test the parents’ patience and love for their baby during the first year.

1. Putting the baby to sleep

It doesn’t need to be said but putting your baby to sleep is every parent’s utmost nightmare. No matter how tired and sleepy you are especially at night time, falling to sleep is impossible if your baby is still awake or suddenly wakes up.

With the loud and unending cry of the baby, both the parent and the baby suffer from exhaustion and restless nights. But parents must not forget to take care of themselves too like taking their own medicine for diabetes and taking naps to keep away from more problems.

All parents cannot avoid this situation but can eventually overcome it as the baby grows and when appropriate techniques are applied like parents taking turns and giving the baby milk before putting him/her to sleep.

2. Feeding the baby

The food to give to your baby depends on their capability of chewing and digesting. Feeding the baby breast milk and/or formula milk may sound easy to accomplish but there’s actually more to consider in doing so. Parents must choose the right type of milk especially with formula ones because allergies may be developed.

With the advice from the doctor, you may also feed the baby soft food and then solid food as months go by. Deciding on the right milk and food with good nutritional value also comes with the right amount to give. This is where malnutrition and obesity must be equally avoided.

As a parent, you should also be aware of the food to avoid like sugar, salt and artificial sweeteners for your baby and learn which food may trigger allergic reactions. To be more certain, do not risk giving food that your family is known to be sensitive to.

3. Taking care of the baby’s health

With proper nutrition and rest, your baby may be as healthy as he/she can be. But ailments still cannot be completely prevented as they remain to have a weaker immune system with their young age. And when the baby is sick, round-the-clock nights are even more than expected.

Common illnesses that can just quickly surprise you include infections, rashes, cough and colds, diarrhea and constipation. With such unfortunate encounters, appropriate medicine, food, vitamins and care must be provided. Scheduled check-ups and vaccinations should also be anticipated and followed to ensure the baby’s development.


Taking great caution and care are significant that every parent must practice and do. This is not only to avoid more complications to be met as the parents of a fragile toddler but more importantly to allow your baby to grow healthy and happy. Taking care of your baby and fighting these challenges each day may seem unmanageable. But know that the efforts you are and will be making are only for the benefit of the life that your baby will either enjoy or suffer. So make sure to make the right choices and exert your best as a loving and responsible parent.