A Password Manager to Enhance Internet Security: Dashlane and Its Features

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If you are concerned about your Internet security, then you will certainly prefer using a password management tool because it keeps your passwords safe. If you have multiple online accounts, then not using a password manager is suitable only if you are using the same password for all accounts (not recommended) or have a phenomenal memory. Dashlane is a robust password manager. In this article you will read a review of the software.

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Why It is Essential to Use a Password Manager?

Nowadays, Internet users have online accounts on multiple websites such as social networking websites, eCommerce and shopping websites, banking sites, email clients, etc. All these accounts are password protected. In such a scenario, the users need to remember multiple passcodes for the various online accounts they own. Remembering so many passcodes is possible only to a user who has a phenomenal memory. However, in general, remembering multiple passcodes is not easy for all. Thus, many users choose to use the same password for different online accounts.

Using the same password for everything is not at all recommended. If one passcode gets hacked, then the hacker will get access not just to one of your online account but to all the accounts for which you are using the same passcode. Security concerned users understand it, and thus they don’t use the same passcode for all their accounts. In such a situation, password management would become a tedious task without the aid of a password manager. Thus, using a password manager is essential as it benefits your productivity by storing all your passcodes at one place. There are various strong players in this field, such as Dashlane, LastPass, KeePass, etc. In this article, you will read about Dashlane in detail.

Dashlane and Its Features

It Autofills Information

It is a robust password manager that is useful not just for storing your passwords but also to store additional information such as credit card information, various IDs, receipts, notes, etc. The software also comes with an auto-fill feature that can automatically fill various online forms. To take advantage of this feature, you need to save your information like addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers and other personal details with the Dashlane’s password database. Then, whenever you require filling this information into any online form, the software can do the auto filling of this information.

Optional Syncing with Cloud

Many users prefer this password manager over other available options because of its easy-to-use interface and the feature of optional cloud syncing. In LastPass, everything gets automatically synced with the cloud. However, Dashalne keeps it as an optional feature. If you want, then you can sync your passwords with the cloud. Otherwise, you can choose to store your passwords locally.

Easy Setup

Setting up this software is exceptionally easy because software takes you step-by-step through the installation process with clear instructions. Once you finish the setting up, you need to choose your master password. There is no reminder option for the master password because it doesn’t get stored anywhere. It is done for users’ security only. The user is the sole knower of the password, if he loses or forgets it once, then he has to start again with the installation process.

The software automatically installs itself on all the browsers. If you are already using a different password management tool, then the software lets you import your database into Dashlane’s password database. Whenever, you make a new login to any website, the software offers to create a strong password for you. Then, it will automatically save your login credentials. Once, your login credentials get stored in the software’s database, logging into websites will become a seamless operation for you. That is because it can get you logged in automatically every time the website gets loaded, or it can auto-fill your credentials without logging you in.

One-Click Password Change

Security experts say that users should keep changing the passwords of their online accounts after every 3 to 4 months. Doing that is essential to ensure the security of the online accounts. If you are using this password manager, then you can quickly change the passcodes of all your online accounts. You just need to select the accounts for which you want to change the passcodes, and then it is a matter of just one click, and the passcodes for the selected account will get changed.


Security is one of the most important aspects of any password manager, and Dashlane is very serious about its security arrangements. It encrypts your database AES-256 encryption. The only key to decrypt the encryption is the master keyword. You can add extra security by enabling Google Authenticator. If you are a premium user, then you will gain web access to your data. The feature lets you access your password from any browser and any computer. If you are not using the cloud syncing option, then there is nothing to worry about security. But when it comes to syncing the database with the cloud, sometimes users might get suspicious. In that scenario, users require to have a certain amount of trust in the company.


It is a perfect password manager for the less tech-savvy users because it has an easy user interface. Even less experienced users enjoy this tool for the merits of its interface. It is a cross platform software program that is available in Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac OS X. The basic version is free and the Premium version is available for $39.99/ year. The software makes you free from the tedious task of memorizing long and complex passcodes. It ensures that you use unique and long passcodes for all your online accounts. Thus, it enhances your Internet security by making your online passwords strong and difficult-to-crack.

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