A Peach Pie Recipe

A peach pie recipe that I use makes a peach pie that my family loves. It’s a very quick and easy recipe. Like I said, even I can make this pie.


A large can of peaches

¾ – 1 cup Self-Rising Flour

1 cup of sugar

1 stick of margarine


Wash your hands and the cooking utensils and clean up the preparation area before you get started. Gather all of the ingredients in a workspace to get started making the pie.

Preheat your kitchen oven to 350 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the stick of margarine in a glass-baking bowl or dish and put it in the oven to melt. I’ve used tall round Pyrex bowls or short rectangular baking dishes for this. You can use whichever one you’re using to bake the pie in later. Take the margarine out of the oven before it begins to boil even if it’s not completely melted. You can always melt the margarine in a microwave oven if you choose to. The main thing is to keep it from boiling.

Pour the flour and sugar in a large mixing bowl and mix them together. Do you remember your grandmother or your mother’s recipes that didn’t have an exact measure and for some ingredients it called for a pinch of this or a pinch of that? Well we’re at that point with this recipe. Because there’s no exact measure for the amount of milk that you add to the mix. Add milk to the sugar and flour mixture slowly, a little at a time and blend it into the mix. I try to get mine about the consistency of pancake batter. You want it to pour easily without being to runny or too thick.

At this point you’re ready to bring all of the ingredients together. Start by pouring the peaches into the melted butter in the baking dish or bowl and mix them together. Next, pour the batter into the middle of the peach and butter mixture and let it sink to the bottom of the bowl.

Place the bowl in the oven and allow it to bake for 40 – 45 minutes. This is a suggested cooking time because oven-cooking times vary so you have to keep an eye on the pie. When the flour rises to the top of the pie and get’s browned the pie is close to being ready. From time to time stick a fork into the crust to see if it’s fully cooked. When you’re satisfied that the crust is fully cooked your peach pie is done.


  • Fresh peaches work great with this recipe if you want to take the time to prepare them.
  • After the first pie you can decide if you want to add more or less flour to adjust the amount of crust.
  • Goes great with a big scoop of ice cream!