A Perfect Solution to Track Your Data Usage

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Each one of us feels blue when we receive a phone bill that leaves our eyes wide open and also makes us wonder that how and where we spent so much money while using the mobile data. Now, there is a way of getting rid of this uninvited anxiousness by utilizing my data manager for taking control of the mobile data as well as enjoying lower amount of phone bills.

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A Perfect Solution to Track Your Data Usage, Seekyt

This iphone app to track data usage is an extremely convenient tool for monitoring the quantity of data that your mobile phone is using. Adding to this, this brilliant android application eases your essential task of controlling your phone bill by letting you keep a check on the data consumption in an itemized manner.

This application has proved very helpful in enhancing the wireless data utility with the major mobile operators all around the globe. Moreover, it lets you enjoy the most of out of your mobile phone data plan. In addition to this, this android application is readily available online and one can straight away download it from Google play store without any complication.

This application lets you track the amount of data that you have used as well as informs about how much data plan you are left with. All this is done through notifications when the usage surpasses the predetermined amount of data. With its assistance, the Android users are easily able to locate the applications that are using most of their data. What is more, you can also learn the time that you spend on a particular application while using the data plan.

There are numerous features in this app that make it so popular among the Android smartphone users. A quick glance at its features will surely leave you awestruck:

• Impressive functionality

• User-friendliness

• Almost cent percent accuracy

• Nicely detailed with stylish representation of usage via charts, etc.

• Brilliantly colored task bar indicators

• Very informative

• Highly trustworthy

• Works well for limited, unlimited and even prepaid data plans

The success story of this application is well talked by the big names that are collaborated with it due to its impeccable service. Furthermore, mobile network operators are the primary intermediates of this application and are responsible for making it reach the needy people that are desperate for tracking their data usage. These established names are inclusive of telecom tycoons like E-Plus+, Orange, Samsung, TELUS, T-Mobile, Vodafone and many more.

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A Perfect Solution to Track Your Data Usage, Seekyt
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