A Place Where I Can Get Help this Christmas

There are many schemes and programs that offer assistance during the Christmas holidays and equally many places where I can get help for Christmas for poor families. These include government holiday assistance programs and toy drives. These are meant for needy families with low income, unemployed or have been affected by a calamity or circumstances such as an economy that has drastically become poor, which force them to be in the needy situation.

Some Places Available

Churches offer perfect opportunities for needy families to get help over the Christmas holidays. Almost all parishes of Catholic practicing churches, other Christian congregations as well as other community places of worship have outreach programs and assistance especially at Christmas time or other major holidays and commemorative days that that particular church observes. Many programs are known as Giving Trees which involves the members of a parish select a gift tag to give a poor child and consequently purchase the wish list product for him or her. It is advisable to contact churches near the Christmas time – late November or early December in order to find the particular help that a church is offering and how to go about getting that help to the needy.

Civil organizations are other contactable people to offer a place where I can get help for Christmas holidays. These include Lions Club, Ruritan, Rotary Club and Lodgers. Look around your neighborhood and you will see other civil clubs that may be offing a wide variety of assistance to the poor during Christmas time. You can also use the phone book, internet or yellow pages to get their contact details so that you can find out more about the assistance programs.

Other Ways of Assistant During Christmas

Charities that are different from churches include National Charity groups and the Salvation Army. These groups will always offer assistance to citizens of a particular country during the festive season of Christmas. Since these charities have branches in states across the continent, it is easy to access their assistance programs. The kind of assistance ranges from gift baskets of Christmas to monetary aid and hot meals. For these privileges, a family may need to register or sign up many days in advance, sometimes weeks and be able to prove that you are a needy family.

Community do sometimes come together and form Community Groups that are community based and they assist people who are from that particular community or neighborhood. Small, medium and big corporations at times participate in toy and food drives. Posters and announcements are always posted around the community and it is not easy to miss any such drives. Military charities also assist citizens during the Christmas season. The most famous program is the Toys for Tots initiative and performed by the United States Marine Corps Reserve.


Other programs that offer a place where I can get help for Christmas are utility companies where providers of utilities like electricity give assistance programs with heating bills. Other programs are Women’s Groups who work hand in hand with other charities and church propelled drives. A place where I can get help for Christmas is a place in your heart to shows willingness to contact the different programs available and also offer yours services as a volunteer in the assistance drives.