A Plague of Foxes in England

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Foxes deserted their natural habitats and moved into town and villages. They foraging in garbage bins and some people even feed them. In town and villages they have hardly a predator. Therefore, they multiplying in an enormous rate. All these years they kept well out of people’s sight and way.

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However, lately it has been reported that there were several attacks. The first reported attack was of twins sleeping upstairs in the their cots while the mother was downstairs having a well deserved sit=down. All over sudden she could hear a sort of whining noise from here babies but not crying. She went upstairs and there were bites on their little faces and a fox stood in the far corner. The babies were only about two years old. Being the first report of it she was hardly believed but eventually it was proven. Being a hot day she left the door to the garden open. A fox was later trapped but it couldn’t be established if it was the same fox.

The next incident was when a kitten was bitten and killed by a fox.

Now a lady travelling down a road saw a fox sitting on the road and she blew her horn but it wouldn’t move. She couldn’t bear to run it over and got out. She went near it and trying to shoo it away. The fox went for her and bitten her arm so deeply and took a junk out of it. It looked like a shark bite. The fox just clumped its teeth together and wouldn’t let go. She got quickly into the car and drove home with blood all over her.. Her husband took her to hospital and she had to have an operation because it got infected.

A month ago an ambulance driver had his finger bitten off by a fox. The fox got into the house through the catflap in Worthing, Sussex.

Maybe with overbreeding or their eaten from rubbish the foxes are becoming or became infected. They certainly attack instead shying away as before. This article should be a warning not approach a fox. They look lovely and cute but they seem to becoming a plague and pest. and are highly dangerours.

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A Plague of Foxes in England, Seekyt
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