A Quick and Healthy Snack to make at Home

Looking for a new snack idea? How about a quick to prepare snack? Even better yet how about a snack that is not only a new snack idea it is quick to prepare and it just happens to be a very healthy and
nutritious snack? I will even top that, how about a new snack idea that is quick to prepare, healthy for you and will also help you if you are currently trying to lose weight? Okay you know what?

I am feeling generous today I will even make sure that this wonderful snack I tell you about is not only quick to prepare, healthy and nutritious for you but it also will be tasty. You know what else? I forgot to tell you.

This fantastic snack just happens to be easy to prepare. So easy that anyone tall enough to stand at the kitchen counter can prepare. Ok enough building up my quick healthy nutritious and easy snack; it
is time to give you the goods.

I am a very health conscious and very busy person so I like to have foods that are quick to prepare and
somewhat healthy for me. I am also a chip addict but apparently chips are not good for me so I had to figure out a new snack that I could not only eat at night when I get those cravings for crunchy salty food but could also eat it throughout the day as a way of living a healthy life style.

So here is what I came up with.

I was at my local grocery store about a year ago in the fresh produce section and came across a large bag of cut up and washed vegetables. The package contains carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. The bag weighs about 2 pounds so there is quite a bit of cut up washed veggies in it. I thought what a great idea to snack on

but also that just plain veggies raw might be tough to want to eat too many of them like that at one time.

So I thought of getting a veggie dip. I needed a veggie dip that would be tasty and not add a lot of calories or fat to my diet. I came across these packages of powder mix that you add sour cream to and that’s it dip is made.

I thought great some low fat or no fat sour cream and now I have something. The dip packages come in all kinds of great flavours for dipping vegetables, dill, creamy dill, ranch and so on. Another great thing about these packages is that they require either 250ml or 500ml of sour cream to make the dip and guess
what? You can buy sour cream in 250 and 500ml containers. How easy is that?

So off I went on my way home with a big bag of cut up pre washed vegetables a package of dip mix and a container of low fat sour cream. The directions on the package are to empty contents into either 250ml or 500 ml of sour cream in a big bowl depending on which pack you purchased.

So that’s what I did, put the sour cream in a largerbowl than the container of sour cream came in and poured the dill dip ix into the bowl. Took a fork and started mixing.

It took me about 2 minutes maximum to mix up the ip. Open up the bag of veggies and pour some onto a plate or in a bowl and BAM! ou are done.

You now have a healthy and nutritious snack that s extremely easy to make and only takes about 2 minutes to mix up once you get ome.

So to recap what you need topurchase for this awesome snack idea is a bag of pre-cut and washed mixed vegetables
( you could also use bags of carrots, sugar snap peas etc) a package of
powdered vegetable dip mix and a container of sour cream ( low fat optional) a
bowl and a utensil to mix with.