A Quick Back Pain Relief through a Simple Exercise

I want to share with you my own experience on how I deal with back pain. First of all, I want to say that if your pain is caused by some kind of injury, this won’t work and you need to visit a doctor for your problem; mine method addresses common back pains caused by bad working conditions or improper posture. If you have a chronic back pain it may also work, but you need to be careful.

Attention: if you have some serious spine conditions such as herniated discs, or if there are some problems with blood pressure, you should contact your doctor before you follow this method. The method is not dangerous but we definitely don’t want any complications, do we?

What Do You Need To Do To Achieve A Quick Relief For Your Back Pain?

As the title says, the method is about an exercise; the origin of the exercise is a yoga posture called Padahastasana, but it is simpler in its technique. Although I said ‘simpler’ its action is great. So here is the technique:

1. Stand straight, with your hands at your sides; breathe normally and be relaxed.
2. Raise your arms in front of you and above your head; when you raising your arms inhale slowly.
3. When your arm reached the top position, lower them to your feet, bending forward; while you are bending, and exhale.
4. Once you reached the lowest position in your bending, stay for a while, deeply breathing mainly with your belly; do not force your breathing though. Deep breathing is very important here, but what is even more important is the relaxation – this is the key for the success in this simple exercise.
5. After some time raise your arms above your head with inhale again, and lower your arms to the body sides with exhale, returning to the initial standing position.
6. Repeat two times more.

Please, keep in mind:
– Relaxation is the key
– You will usually stay in the bending position for 20-30 seconds in the beginning, but later you can extend this time up to few minutes.
– Watch your body reaction – it will tell you a lot about how to do this exercise to get the most benefit for you.