A Quick Run Through of the Five Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures in the Philippines

Plastic and cosmetic surgery is one of the fastest rising industries in the Philippines. In the last decade, there has been a 20% increase of patients (notably women but there has also been a rise in men) looking for a total make-over (breast augmentation, liposuction, etc.) or non-invasive treatments (facials, Botox, etc.).

But let us review the five most sought-after surgical procedures that Filipinos are asking their plastic surgeon.

This has been in the scene for over a decade already but remains one of the top minimal invasive procedures that Filipinos are asking for. Chemical facial peels, laser and wrinkle creams are often supplements to surgery but Botox takes the spotlight. Botox is used to temporarily paralyze the facial muscles that cause wrinkling.

Botox is administered using very small-gauge needles and systematically inject facial muscles with tiny amount of the botulism bacteria. Facial muscles will then be paralyzed for 4-6 months, reducing the extent to which it canon the skin. It causes temporary softening of fine lines and smooth outs the fine wrinkles.

Filler Injections
Injection fillers range from gels (i.e. hyaluronic acid) to your own fat (harvested and injected to fill wrinkles in the face). Gel filler are temporary and can fill deeper wrinkles that Botox may not work well on. However, in the long run, it may cause adverse effect to your face; this is injected without anesthesia.

Meanwhile, fat injection is the ideal filler but it also has its disadvantages. Unlike gel fillers, this requires anesthesia as your plastic surgeon in the Philippines will have to harvest fat from your body.

Loose Skin Removal
This is also known as face or neck lift. It removes, re-drapes or tightens the muscles and tissues around your neck and often corrects the turkey-gobbler appearance. As for facelift, facial skin is lifted up and the deeper tissues are sutured while the extra skin is removed. Scars are hard to find since it is hidden near the hairline or along the ears.

Other procedures that can be combined with these procedures are eyebrow surgery, etc.

Breast Augmentation
As with other cosmetic surgery procedures in the Philippines, breast augmentation leaves scars and plastic surgeon often hide these scars in the armpits, in the margin of the nipple or in the skin crease where the breasts meet the abdomen.

The two most popular types of breast implants are saline and silicone. However, this year, the latest trend that plastic surgeons are using is fat and stem cells from your own body. The big difference between the two is their consistency. Silicone looks and feel like real breasts while saline’s general composition is salt.

Tummy Tuck
Abdominoplasty makes a huge difference in one’s self-image and appearance. This procedure is popular in women who had given birth. “Un-cooperating” fats around the waist is removed. Rectus abdominis (abdominal muscles) are tightened and with a little help from liposuction, the side of the hips is performed as well. This is done to smooth out the curves of the tissues in the area.

Abdominoplasty in the Philippines has risen in the last decade because of its efficacy and the over-all physical and emotional image that a woman gains after having this procedure.
It is important that even before you decide on what procedure you want for yourself, always consult a board-certified Filipino plastic surgeon so that the results are pleasant.