News A relative denounced the juvenile delicvents

A relative denounced the juvenile delicvents


The police would surely have had more trouble identifying the three burglars had those not want to show off with their deed. But after they acclaimed themselves on Facebook, short of an hour after the robbery, handcuffs were ready for them.
There isn’t emphasized enough on the internet, that people should be careful, not to post anything personal on Facebook, as we can’t be sure the informations will not be misused. Seems that youngsters are still not prudent enough.
A 4-person gang has to thank themselves for having been handcuffed only a few hours after a successful robbery.
The youngsters wanted to make Christmas in Pittsburg a little more exciting, and having 18-years-old Isaiah Cutler as their leader, they broke into a store named Elliot’s Town Market, where they lifted 8000 dollars cash and some smokes.
After a brilliant deed like this, it is the lesser thing to show off, and to whom else, than good old buddies, and nowhere else, but on Facebook.
The gang had almost immediately posted the fresh photos with the robbed money, the cigarettes and some candies , there having passed only an hour after the robbery and the posting.
What they did not count for, was that one of the chaps’ grandmothers is a Facebook fanatic, who immediately recognized them, and handed the information to the police.The lads will have a hard time explaining themselves.
So far the news, my comment here would be that it is a sad thing, that today’s youngsters, intead of learning, are finding ways of getting their lives down the drain.
Where does school or parental guidance disappear in these cases, is beyond me to comprehend. It seems to be a sure thing, that a society where money is of the utmost importance, will only produce gold-diggers, burglars, robbers and otherwise handicapped persons, as where the mind is left empty, the body will have much work to do for an equilibrium.
One does not need to be a brain surgeon to draw this conclusion, in a world where it is easier to stab a teacher in the back, than to listen to him.

A relative denounced the juvenile delicvents
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