A Review of Delta Air: Top American Airline

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A Review of Delta Air: Top American Airline, Seekyt

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Delta Airlines is one of the biggest airlines in the world with passenger traffic of 160 million. The airline started as a crop spraying service and then graduated to an airline in 1928. The present airline is a result of mergers of many airlines like Pan Am, Northwest etc. The airline employs over 80,000 personnel worldwide and is the most important airline of the United States.
Products, Brands and Services.

The site www.deltaairlines.com represents the Delta airline. The company has its head office and main hub at Atlanta in the USA which incidentally is the busiest airport in the world with a traffic touching 91 million.
Delta airline flies to all the six continents in the world, a feat not matched by any other airline. The airline operates 4932 flights per day out of which 882 flights are from Atlanta alone. The airline flies to all global destinations one can think off and also crisscrosses the United States.
The site of the airline is also easily accessed from any corner of the globe and a reservation made. e-ticket
Apart from first class and tourist class accommodation the airline provides a business elite class for the discerning businessman. All seats are equipped with a personal in-flight entertainment system and the service is first class.
The site will accept all forms of credit card and debit card payments in the local currency from where the site is accessed. For example a booking made in India can be paid in Indian rupees. The airline has a promotional campaign of sky-miles. These can be clocked and converted to free miles for flights by Delta.

Ticket Return policies?

Any ticket booked on the site can be cancelled at any time prior to the time of origin of the flight. The mode of refund will be the same as the mode of payment. A traveler can get a refund for most e-tickets for travel originating in the United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Canada.
In case you have lost your paper ticket for any reason, you can complete a Lost Ticket Application form and continue your travel.

They also guarantee the lowest fares for travel and have many holiday schemes. The airline also guarantees a comfortable journey and honouring a confirmed reservation.
Customer Service
Delta Airlines has a most exhaustive customer service that has global reach. If in the USA you can call them at 1-888-750-3284. You can also email them by accessing their site and a contact form will show up.

For general travel assistance one can email them at Tweet us@ deltaassist. The airline has 3 international and 8 hubs in the USA. The main US hub address is
1030 Delta Blvd Atlanta, GA 30354, United States
telephone +1 404-715-2600


The site has an exceptional feedback of reliability and quality of travel. Most travellers are suitably impressed with Delta Airlines, the in flight hospitality and service as well as punctuality. It is a five star airline.

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A Review of Delta Air: Top American Airline, Seekyt
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