A Review of Jack's Restaurant in Baguio City

This is a short review of Jack’s Restaurant in Baguio City. Baguio, which is popularly referred to as the Summer Capital of the Philippines is famous for a lot of things. Thousands of local and foreign tourists flock to the city every month to experience what it has to offer – chilly weather, unique culture, hills and mountains thick with pine trees, over a dozen well-known parks, vibrant night life, the annual Panagbenga Flower Festival and so much more. These are the most common reasons why people come up to the secluded mountain city. One aspect of the city which is often overlooked by visitors is its food scene. You don’t hear of people coming up to the city because they want to dine at this or that restaurant. But this will surely change as a lot of restaurants and dining places within Baguio City are starting to gain recognition. Places like Oh My Gulay, 50’s Diner, and Cafe by the Ruins, among others are becoming staples in tourist itineraries.

However, since this review is about Jack’s Restaurant in Baguio City, we’ll talk about Jack’s Restaurant. Jack’s Restaurant started as a small eatery which eventually grew and expanded to the multi-branched food chain that it is today. Now, the restaurant has several branches within the city. There’s a branch located along Session Road, one in Abanao, one along Mabini Street and several branches in and around Magsaysay Avenue. They also have a branch in the ground floor of the Baguio Center Mall. The chain is a very popular dining place among locals because of the good food that it offers and the affordability of the dishes in their menu. If you want a good and satisfying meal, one that will fill your stomach, Jack’s Restaurant is the place to go.

Jack’s Restaurant’s best-selling offering is the Jack’s Rice, a dish featuring a serving of rice with fried chicken, lechon baboy, fried egg, and vegetables. A Jack’s Rice won’t cost you over 100 Philippine pesos. If you want your meal without the lechon, fried egg, and vegetables, you can order their Jack’s Style Fried Chicken which is a simple rice and chicken combo. You can also try their beef-based dishes, soups and sizzlers. These are all very affordable with prices ranging from 50 to 100 pesos.

Jack’s Restaurant also offer coffee and other beverages. If you’re looking just for a snack, they offer mouth-watering snacks as well. It is indeed a nice place to dine whether you are alone or with several friends. The staff are very accommodating as well.

Aside from the branches of Jack’s Restaurant in Baguio City, they also have a branch in the neighboring town of La Trinidad. In fact, if the stories are true, the La Trinidad Jack’s Restaurant branch is where everything got started. Anyway, if you find yourself looking for a good meal in Baguio City or La Trinidad, Jack’s Restaurant is always there to serve you.