A Review on the Olay Facial Brush

There have been so many Facial Cleansing brushes that are being sold online these days, and one of these is the Olay Professional Facial Cleansing Brush. Just like with other expensive facial cleansing brushes in the market, Olay promises to cleanse and exfoliate your face up to six times better than the usual cleaning of soap and water. Not only that, it also helps to hydrate your face, just like what your regular moisturizer will do. So if you need a facial cleansing product that will not only cleanse your face, but will help to keep you younger as well, the Olay facial brush is a good choice.

The Olay Professional Facial Cleansing Brush is battery-operated and the kit comes with two AA batteries. Therefore, you do not have to worry about bringing a charger with you in case you take this facial brush along when you travel. The most popular facial brushes these days are those that run by means of a sonic technology which vibrates and shakes the dirt out of your face. For others who find the vibrating effect a bit irritating, they can go for the Olay facial brush. The brush operates by means of a 2-speed rotating mechanism, without any vibrating effects. Another great thing about Olay is that you can use it while you shower since the device is waterproof. Always make sure you check with a dermatologist before you change your current skin routine.

Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System Set

Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System Set
After hearing all these great things about Olay, perhaps you better check out some of the pros and cons of using this product before you decide to purchase one for yourself:


  • Cleanse six times better than the usual cleaning of soap and water.
  • Immediate hydrating effect on your skin, just like with a regular moisturizer.
  • Comes with a professionally designed 2-speed rotating brush that is replaceable and with bristles that are too gentle for the skin.
  • The kit includes a Pro-X Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser.
  • The brush can be used with other brands of facial cleansers as well.
  • Can be used by skin professionals and dermatologists.
  • Cheaper than other leading facial brushes in the market.


  • The 2-speed rotating brush does not scrub enough unlike the sonic brushes which deeply exfoliates your skin.
  • Depending on your skin’s sensitivity, you could suffer from breakouts in a couple of weeks of using the brush.

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Is it worthy to give the Olay Professional Facial Cleansing Brush a try?

For those who are looking for a cheaper alternative on facial cleansing brushes, the Olay Professional Facial Cleansing Brush is highly recommended. Nevertheless, you cannot expect the product to work in the same way as that of those expensive brands, like the Clarisonic Brush and Skin Care System. But if you are not really keen on deep exfoliation, you can go for this brand of facial cleansing brush. It is gentle on the skin and the great thing is that it has a moisturizing effect so it prevents your skin from aging, just like a regular moisturizer will do. Above all, Olay is also ideal for those who feel uncomfortable hearing the irritating sound that came from the vibrating effects of the sonic brushes. And for less than $30 only, investing on this product will not hurt your pocket that much, so why not give it a try?