News A Short Description On Coil Coating Market

A Short Description On Coil Coating Market


A Short Description On Coil Coating Market

Coil coating, which is also known as ‘Pre-painted Metal Coating,’ is a computerized process for coating metal surfaces before fabrication. It is recyclable processes because there is a very negligible emission of volatile organic compounds, very limited generation of waste materials and lesser energy consumption. In addition, coil coatings are more corrosion resistant as well as possess lasting aesthetic properties than post-painted metals.

Coil coating uses a simple, but very effective principle that is to clean, pre-treat and sheets of steel or aluminum in an unbroken operation prior to other stages of industrial manufacture. Finish first and fabricate later is the slogan for this concept. A Traditional process sequence in coil coating comprises:

• Cleaning

• Conversion treatment

• Drying

• Primer coating and Top coating

• Foil lamination

The international coil coatings market along with its applications proved a huge growth in the past few years and is expected to continue in the many coming years. In addition, the up to date market value of the coil coatings market worldwide is projected to reach $6,410.44 million by 2019 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.30% between 2014 and 2019. Increasing demand in coatings for the appliance, automotive, building and construction and other end user industries will be the key influencing reasons for the overall market.

The Asia-Pacific region came out to be the driving factor for coating market, and contributed for over 51% of the international demand in terms of consumption in 2013. Over 75% of the total coil coatings demand was consumed in 2013 by the building and construction coil coating industry. However, China is the leading country in terms of consumption of coil coatings because the boosted demand from the building & construction and appliance customer industries. Additionally, the vital emerging economies like India, Brazil, Russia, and other countries are further lined up for a brighter future in the coil coating market.

Different market players are making huge amount of investments and expansions to serve the end-user applications industries in the future. In addition, the expansion of the automotive and general industrial coating segments is driving the growth for coil coatings as well. The key companies in Coil coating market, include SRISOL (India), The Valspar Corporation (U.S.) and PPG Industries Inc. (U.S.), and. These companies are constantly focusing on expanding their production capacity to get a competitive advantage and so serving the customers effectively. Besides, new product launches were the most preferred strategies of these companies in 2014 that were increasing the demand of coil coatings.

A Short Description On Coil Coating Market
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