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Many home improvement stores have already been up and running to cater the needs of people regarding extra wide plank laminate flooring. Aside from that, many will also sell or lend videos or guides to assist you on understanding this type of flooring. One thing to note is that extra wide plank laminate flooring is installed differently than its typical hardwood counterpart.

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The basic characteristic of extra wide plank laminates flooring

Due to the fact that laminate flooring is thinner as compared to hardwood, you will not have to experience too much hassle in the construction and having to raise baseboards; not unless you opt for thicker laminate flooring. There are many things which need to be taken into consideration; the cost, though, is just right because these types of plank laminate floorings look amazing and are strong.

The basic characteristic of extra wide plank laminate flooringis it can be installed quickly. Once the chosen area is already cleaned and you are ready to go, installing it can be such a breeze. You can do the job in the afternoon and be able to move in the room furniture in the evening. Floor heaters can also be put under the plank laminate flooring; something that most people do not know. This type of flooring is really a good option to take in especially if you are trying to save up or on a tight budget.

Advantages of Extra Wide Plank Laminate Flooring

The following are the advantages or perks that is being offered by extra wide plank laminate flooring.

  • · Toughness and resistance to scratch. If you have house pets, like cats or dogs, having them run around the house will not damage the plank laminate flooring. You can have narrow pieces which may look like oak floorings or you can choose to have extra wide plank laminate flooring depending on how you wish to design your room flooring.

  • · Thicker laminate flooring pieces. A number of people do not like the feeling of laminated flooring and would rather go for hardwood. However, there are now laminate floorings with extra width and thicker. This type of flooring will give off a hardwood-like feel both visually and internally. All for a cheaper price.

  • · Resistance against moisture.Extra wide plank laminate flooringshave been designed to resist moisture, thus making them a good choice for basement floors. Just be sure that the subfloors before them are not actively wet and the floor is even. These moisture-resistant floors can be installed over the subfloor and then have the planks laminated. The beauty of this is similar to that of a floating floor – they can be removed any time.

If you are planning on purchasing a house, have already purchased a house, on a tight budget, or simply wanting to redecorate a room flooring, this plank laminate flooring can be easily installed right over the tiles to quickly beautify the area. As long as the base floor is clean and dry, the extra wide plank laminate flooring is the best choice for a hardwood feel and look without paying for the expensive price of the hardwood.

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