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A Simple Computer Support Can Help In Resolving 0x00000050 Error In Windows

Windows operating system (OS) is most widely used OS in the whole world, and it does have its share of problems and errors. As for the unsuspecting and normal users, some problems don’t seem to go away on their own, and they don’t have enough resources to get it right. One such problem is Blue Screen Windows error which leaves the system confused in a loop of continuously booting up.

This error is termed as ‘Page fault in nonpaged area’ where a system fails to operate normally and keeps itself booting up in order to find the next path but it seems inevitable. In simple words, the bootup configuration gets messed up, and it can be resolved by giving a new path where it boots via last known good configuration. Hiring a computer technician to resolve this issue might turn out to be costly and time-consuming affair.

What is 0x00000050 Error?

This particular error seems to emerge very often among the Windows when they get subjected to sudden turn-off or OS failure. It results in creating a scenario where the system keeps rebooting itself again and again in a loop with no apparent solution. Once a user somehow manages to get auto restarting off, then it faces another problem of a blue screen which signifies the death of the system.

The Widows error code generated automatically to show this problem reads like this:
STOP: 0x00000050 (0xAFE2B000, 0x00000001, 0x8058289E, 0x00000000)

Reasons for This Windows Error

This problem results due to some defect in the physical memory or using some incompatible software. Even having crappy or defective hardware browser can result in a blue screen. Some software even unknowingly creates this error by asking service request for data which is not even on the memory of the system. PC repair can be done easily by using the Safe Mode and removing that particular driver or program if your system allows doing that.

The Troubleshooting Process for Resolving the Error

Users can themselves initiate a simple computer support service by following this troubleshooting process:

• Power on your system at first.

• Keep pressing while system is booting up. This key will bring troubleshooting and advanced startup options for Windows.

• Here click on the option, ‘Last Known-Good Configuration.’

• Now your computer will restart and you need to keep pressing the key, it will run the PSA/32 Bit Diagnostics.

• Here you will be required to perform a clean boot.

• Once Windows loads successfully, click on Start button.

• In the search bar type “misconfig” and press Enter.

• Then go to the Startup tab and disable all listed applications.

• Now, go to ‘Services’ tab and check on the option “Hide all Microsoft Service.”

• Click on the “Disable all Services.”

• Finally click on ‘Appy’ and restart the computer.

• Run Windows Update to keep your computer updated.

The PC repair will be complete with this, and your computer will start functioning normally. If you opt for advanced technical help through computer support by some computer technician, then you are likely to invest a good amount of money along with a considerable time.

Display Adapter Drivers Need to Get Updated in Extreme Cases

In some extreme cases, the blue screen problem might reemerge after some time. Therefore, it requires certain advanced measures of computer support service. Updating the display adapters, drivers will sort out the 0x00000050 error for a definite period.

Here is the troubleshooting process:

• Boot the system in Safe Mode.

• Go to the Start menu and click on Control Panel.

• Click on Device Manager.

• Expand the ‘Display Adapter’ section on the left side.

• Right click on the listed device and check the option for uninstall.

• Restart the computer one more time in Safe Mode.

• Go to Device Manager, and click on the Scan for hardware changes button.

• Once you perform it, the proper display driver will install automatically.

• Restart the computer in normal mode.

On the final note, you should download the latest display drivers for your particular motherboard from the manufacturer website.


The frozen blue screen error will get resolved completely by following the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps. However users should abstain themselves from suddenly turning off the system or installing new software as well as upgrading new hardware without ensuring their compatibility with their system. By following these measures, you can keep your Windows OS sound and running without any blue screen error glitches. You won’t need to call in computer technicians in case of interruption or occurrence of blue screen error, just use the troubleshooting method to deal with it effectively and save your precious time and money.

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