A Simple Guide To The Best Wedding Buffet Decoration Ideas

Next to the wedding ceremony, the buffet is the most scrutinized part of the whole event. Why? Mainly because of 1) the food you serve is going determine how memorable the event will turn out and 2) the décor will determine how much you spend and people will see it and hold you accountable to it. In both cases, people will have only one of two things to say: “It was great!” or “It was bad.”

In most cases, you want people to have the same positive experience they had during your “I do’s”. Food may be the focus of the meal, but if the area it’s set in looks bad, that will greatly affect the way guests perceive the eating experience. Yes, eating is as cut-and-dry as placing plates, glasses, and cutleries on a round or square table, but you want to make the buffet meal a memorable experience for everyone, especially when catering in Manila. And what better way to do that than to spruce up your entire wedding buffet with decorations!

But just what kind of decorations should you put in your wedding buffet? With the many options available in the market, it’s hard to choose. Wedding catering services especially in Manila compete in terms of both design and service quality, trying to entice you with better offers and bargains which would make choosing a chore and a headache as these competitors always copy one another to beat one another. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Today, we’ll look at a simple guide on how to choose the best wedding buffet decoration ideas.

Décor Idea #1: Flowers

Manilyn Moreno believes that having flowers add both color and style in your buffet. She also adds: you can place the flowers between plates, turn them into dining table centerpieces (including buffet table décor) and even coordinate the color of the flowers to match the food being served. As a bonus, you can even put them in large glasses with water so they stay fresh.

Décor Idea #2: Leaves (Plastic or real)

Instead of having just a bland set up of tables, tablecloths, and servewares, add an extra tint of color on it with either plastic materials or real leaves. These also compliment and give life to the flowers and the buffet table as a whole. It is best not to use leaves in the dining table as they may cause injury to guests.

Décor Idea #3: Candles

Having a few lit candles scattered on the buffet and dining table serves a dual purpose: 1. It adds visual warmth to the dining atmosphere and 2. Keeps insects away from contaminating the food and the table itself.

Décor Idea #4: Group Items In Odd Numbers

Experts suggest grouping items on the buffet table in odd numbers because it is visually pleasing since it makes things organizable. And it indeed is! Note how serveware usually comes with a serving spoon, a plate for the spoon, or even a separate bowl for the dipping sauce. You’ve never really taken time to notice, but you probably didn’t because we didn’t see anything wrong with it at first glance.

There you have it: 4 of the best wedding buffet decoration ideas. We hope that your buffet event becomes even colorful and enjoyable as you apply any of these tips. Congratulations and have a happy wedding!