a small collection of creation haikus

The first in this collection is called ‘The Beginning’

This Haiku displays the nature of everything.

A Drift in Nothing

The World will now be Reborn

We shall Thrive again

The next in this series is called ‘From Nothingness’

This Haiku relates to the possibilities.

Straight from the Darkness

A Life is Born from Nothing

Coping with the light

The next is called ‘The Cycle’

The next Haiku is about the circle of life.

Born from the ashes

Contributing to the world

Returned back to ash

This next Haiku is called ‘The Pheonix’

Symbolizes death and rebirth.

A Bird made of Fire

It’s Wings will set all Ablaze

When killed it Lives on

The second last in this series is called ‘The Ritual’

Another interpretation of creation.

Once the Chant Begins

A Sacrifice is Offered

Something is reborn

The last Haiku in this series of creation is called ‘Origin’

A Haiku perceiving the beginning of everything.

The Start of All Life

The River from which Life Flows

The Fountain of Life

Thank you for your time and your attention.