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a small collection of martial arts haikus

The first Haiku is called ‘Preparation’

The first kind of relates to yoga or other martial arts practices.

Lifting the leg high

Focusing the Inner Thoughts

Releasing the Rage

The second Haiku is called ‘The Battle’

Basically about the meaning of fighting.

A Battle of Fate

Clashing of the Opposites

The Victor is Proud

The next is called ‘Intense Flow’

This Haiku relates to the children of war.

Saving my Own Life

Under Stress of Life and Death

Born from Battlefields

the fourth is called ‘The End of Battles’

The result of battle in the eyes of the survivors.

A long Past of Pain

Trying to Forget it All

But whats Done is Done

The second last Haiku is called ‘The void of battle’

Basically about what happens to some people after war.

Never Forgetting

The Rage will Never Subside

Will Never Give up

The last is called ‘Discipline’

One of the ways to cope with the scars of battle.

the Teachings once Taught

the Teacher passes it Down

the Past can now Rest

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