A Small Collection of Musical Haikus

This Collection Of Haikus are inspired by the musical nature of the world. The tunes of society are a part of this larger pool of rythems. The Beats of time take hold of everything.

This first Haiku is called ‘Tuning’

Getting ready for the song.

Getting the Tune Right

Preparing for the Music

A Song is Preformed

The next Haiku in this mini series is called ‘Flow’

It is inspired by the waves of sound in the air.

A Smooth Transition

Fitting one Piece with the Rest

Guiding us Along

This musical series of Haikus continues with ‘Rythem’

The pace at which the song recalls.

Recalling the Pace

Moving the Song Up and Down

Transforming the Tune

The Next in this Collection is called ‘Digital’

Relating to the digital era of music.

Electronic Vibe

The Voltage Meter Rise

The Sound is Sampled

The last in this series is called ‘generations’

this haiku is a bit special.

It relates to the passing of time and variation of music.

The Past Remembered

Changing the Current Music

Influencing All

Thank you for your time and participation. There will be more to come always.