A study shows that teamwork increases motivation and reduces stress

A study shows that teamwork increases motivation and reduces stress
A study shows that teamwork increases motivation and reduces stress

A recent study by the labor community Universe shows that teamwork has two key benefits: increases motivation and reduces stress. Also, a good working group, where reigns a good atmosphere and friendliness, is capable of generating and strengthening enthusiasm, cohesion, and job satisfaction.

Other advantages of group work are: increased creativity, increased motivation and increased commitment and tolerance, as Universal benefits are “unquestionable” for organizations. For this reason, it is increasingly common for experts in selecting the HR departments organized group testing to choose the ideal candidate.

“A team of well trained and coordinated work have a positive impact not only on the results of the organization but also to employees,” the investigators say University. They add that “according to what experts indicate Human Resources, a good group is capable of generating and strengthening enthusiasm, cohesion and job satisfaction.”

The advantages of brainstorming

The technique known as brainstorming or “brainstorming” is a groupware tool that facilitates the emergence of new approaches and actions to solve a problem or improve the quality of work. It is a very efficient tool for innovation and very common when taking strategic decisions.

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Another important conclusion is that to achieve excellence is fundamental “the sum of talent,” which is the integration of different skills, abilities, attitudes, experiences and insights that complement, leading to better results than they had developed individually.


What is teamwork?

Do not understand teamwork and that all professionals work with all tasks, but each person must have specific roles and responsibilities, which serves to gain efficiencies while helping to maintain a good working environment and avoid conflicts.

A key aspect of teamwork is to identify strengths and weaknesses. Each employee or team member is assigned a role that has to comply and must correspond to what you do best. This way is more likely to make better decisions and to make visible the different points of view, it improves tolerance and respect, allowing a comprehensive view of the work to be done.

Ultimately, teamwork increases motivation, commitment and decreases stress, preventing the responsibility on one person. Teamwork helps overcome difficult times, as always someone who energizes the group or has a good idea to fix the problem and move on.


By: EsamPim