A Take on Men’s Rings

It would seem an astounding fact if we were told that the variety of choices available in the area of male accessories was competitive to those in the female jewellery zone – but alas, it is true! Today’s markets supply amply to the needs to the masculine customer base as much as it does to serve the rest.

The real deal when it comes to men wearing rings boils done to the core purpose of the wearer. It has not been observed until recent times that men wear rings purely for decorative purposes. At least until the end of the previous century, a lot of men and women would wear rings as a symbol of their culture, religion or as a totem to benefit from the so called ‘power’ of the stone on the ring, Birthstones on rings has also been of prominence significance especially among Indian and Asian wearers. Men’s gold rings and women’s too, pre-dominantly have symbolized commitment to a relationship or marriage in particular. A gold band is known largely world-wide among men to depict their marital relationship. In fact, this is the only ring that a man usually will wear for the most of his life as per statistics gathered from world-wide market research related to this subject.

Other types of men’s gold rings are the ones that hail from religious or pious attachments, for e.g., the ‘rosary’ ring is worn across the world by many pious lay men and people of the clergy. Some men’s gold rings might symbolize the family name or title traditionally acquired through knighthood, ordination or conferring of any type of honor by a state.

In India today, boys and youth prefer to wear more rings on their fingers as compared to their ancestors. Rings of silver and similar looking metal are the trending fashion statements among these youngsters. Unisex or gender-neutral rings are what have gripped the road-side fashion markets these days. The family members of a merchant including himself will be in all probability seen flaunting a diamond studded bracelet or some flashy mens gold rings to honor the family business. All in all, every passing day adds on a development in the extent of the availability, variety and utility of men’s rings in the global market.