A Thoughtful Gift can say—Congratulations, I Am Proud of You, and I Admire You

What words can you say to someone that has overcome a problem, or found a solution to a problem, or somebody who has lost weight despite all obstacles? Don’t we always say congratulations? And then we might say something like, I am proud of you, keep up the good work. We might also tell that person that we admire him or her. All the above positive remarks can also be said with a thoughtful gift.

According to Encarta Dictionary, congratulations is an expression of joy for somebody’s achievement—an expression of pleasure or acknowledgment of somebody’s success or good fortune or special occasion. If you know someone who has reach the unreachable star or wanted to change careers, for example, to become a teacher, and after taking so many hours of studying and probably takes the certification exam more than once or twice, finally passes the exam. Congratulate him/her with a big hug.

Another key point to consider, the word proud, which means to be pleased and satisfied about having done something or about owning something. But it also means to bring honor or distinction to somebody. So to that person who dreamed the impossible dream or telling your son or daughter that you are proud of him or her, for doing such a good job at school with a science project, you are in fact telling them that they brought you honor as a parent. Give your kids a thoughtful gift to show how proud you are of them.

Furthermore, the word admire, means—to be pleased by somebody or something, to regard somebody or something with approval, appreciation, or respect. If you know someone who fought the unbeatable foe or student that despite obstacles and hurdles like not graduating from high school, but got a GED (high school equivalent diploma), having doubts that college is not for him/her, but only for the smart ones, feeling like giving up on college. And despite of working hard the grade point average is not an A, but graduates from college anyway. You can tell that person that you admire his or her determination.

In summary, saying congratulations or acknowledging the success, that someone you know, has reach the unreachable star or has just pass the rigorous teacher certification exam. For bringing you honor of dreaming the impossible dream or doing a great job at a science project, tell them that you are proud of them. Last but not least, regard with appreciation the one who fought the unbeatable foe, by graduating from college, despite the obstacle and hurdles, you admire their determination. Remember that a thoughtful gift can also say all the above positive remarks.