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A Tour Guide to Kyrgyzstan

Central Asia is the most important region of the world as it is the house of precious minerals, high peaked mountain and warm waters. Warm waters are of key significance to the global import export. Kyrgyzstan is fortunate to be located at the doors of warm waters. The biggest and the capital city is Bishkek. According to the statistics of 2014, the country population is 5,776,500. The official language is Russian while national language is Kyrgyz. The currency of the country is Som. There are seven provinces in the country, they are further divided in districts and are administrates by government officers appointed by the government known as akims. The countries located around it are; China, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. It is a conventional route to visit china and central Asia. There are UNESCO world heritage is an epic places to travel.

Discover a keen traveler from you, travelling is the passionate and informative hobby to sustain. A tour guide is very important to start a journey of a country. European countries are visited by great numbers of people; the super advertisements made by these countries attract people to select them as hosts. But the beauty of world is still to unravel, if you love nature to entertain yourself by lush green pasture and meadows; visit Switzerland of central Asia. The climate of the country is different; extremely hot in summers and in Issyk-Kul province the climate is polar. The capital of the province is Karakol. The deserts in winter observe snowfall. There are a wide number of green valleys and basins. The jewel of the country is located in north-eastern region of the country and is called Issyk-Kul Lake. The geography of the lake is eye-popping and is famous because of its eye shape; a unique experience to practice. Actually it is a mountain lake and is at the second largest mountain lake of the earth. The Islamic culture and heritage is a continuous source of attraction for tourists all over the globe. It is the top visited and most appealing destination of tourists. The lake is 1600 meters above from the sea level. The etymology of the lakes says that it means the lake of hot water and is impetuous whole year. This is the reason tourists love to fly here to relish the scenic surroundings. The lake side and itself lake is a niche for all animal type. Tourists enjoy climbing, cycling, and raft, windsurf, ski, trek and horse riding in the surrounds of hot lake and snow-peaked mountains.

5 Stans Travel is the most trusted and love agency by the tourists to make their journey memorable for life time. The company provide tours guide in Kyrgyzstan and special offer packages to Issyk-Kul Lake. The tourists also love to witness animal market that stand up at the shore of the lake every Sunday. The inhabitants of hereby bring their cattle for sale and this activity brings memories of medieval ages. It is a man and biosphere reserve, beside the lake. The traditional bazaars are eye-catching tourist’s spots. They are not modified as you observe in developed countries; but its visit reminds the traditional taste of shopping. The availability of local goods beguiles tourists to buy them. The handmade rugs, carpets, rugs and dresses are wooing factors for the visitors. The potteries with bewitching local painting make tourists crazy.

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