News A Tricky Endeavor: An Arrangement of a Dinner Table!

A Tricky Endeavor: An Arrangement of a Dinner Table!


Setting up a dinner table is a tricky endeavor. Whether you are throwing a party or inviting family and friends over a casual dinner, your dinner table must carry everything to facilitate diners. To properly set a dinner table, you must know how to set a dinner table from start till finish. Placing crockery, cutlery and napkins in the right place is the real task. Once you are ready with your dinner table, you can easily say ‘bon appétit’. Follow the steps below to know how to If you want to know how to set a table, just follow these steps.

1. Arrange placemats in front of each chair, so that your guests could take positions themselves. For an engaging dinner table, you must have matching accessories including tablecloth, napkins, placemats, coasters etc.

2. Placing the napkins on the left side of the placemat is a routine, people are used to it, so you had better not change it. There are specific ways to fold the napkins in either fourths or halves, depending on the napkin size and style. Make sure that the napkin cloth is absorbent, soft and handy. You can also place napkins left to the forks.

3. Don’t forget to place your dinner plate and a side place best at the placemats, for a fancy touch, use ceramic plates.

4. Forks and glasses are to be placed in sets. There are four types of glasses including red wine glass, white wine, and water and glass goblets. Whereas, there are various kinds of forks, from salad fork to fruit forks. Place the forks accordingly on the placemats, dinner fork has to be very close to the dinner plate whereas, salad forks are just a centimeter away left to the dinner fork.

5. Arrange the utensils outside in. That’s how exclusive dinner tables are arranged in high-end the best restaurants in Dubai and cafés.

6. If you have invited a small chunk of friends, you can also have place cards over the plates as reservations, just the way done in best bars in Dubai. This inspires a lot of guests and makes them feel special about it.

7. Never over rush your table with loads of cutlery, crockery or serving dishes or else there are more chances of trips and trials. Wait for turns, once you have served salads let people enjoy little with it, then start with starters, once starters are over bring on the main course and let people eat thoroughly. Once everybody is done eating, serve sweet dishes. Say for instance if you are trying to serve everything together so that guests could enjoy everything together. For this, you could have a chest or a divider so that you could place salads and dessert on another rack. This way, guests will be able to enjoy everything together.

Sometimes, it is hard to remember the table arrangement, but set a key to remember it. Think how you would opt at a dinner, you can definitely not go for a dessert for your dinner. Therefore, the thing you would try first, you begin with a salad then your main course and your dessert in the end. Thus, move outside in with your cutlery.


Read this article to know how to set a dinner table, whether formal or informal. Read further to know how to deal with a set forks, glasses and spoons.

A Tricky Endeavor: An Arrangement of a Dinner Table!
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