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A3 Printing in the Office – How to Save Money

For any business to be lucrative, you need to find ways to earn money without paying out high costs for necessary items. However, many offices are finding it hard to save money, especially when it comes to printing. A3 printing in the office can be incredibly expensive with the wrong equipment. However, the answer to how to save money on A3 printing in the office lies with Konica Minolta’s inkjet print heads. Here are the reasons why.

An Inkjet Saves More Money than Laser Printing

A3 printing in the office today usually relies on either inkjet or laser printing. When it comes to saving money, however, inkjet products, such as the ones offered by Konica Minolta, can be a wiser choice. Laser printers usually cost significantly more than inkjet, and they also require higher maintenance. Unlike inkjet printers, laser printers also often result in endless paper jams. On top of that, inkjet printing provides higher definition when printing images as compared to laser printers.

To save money on high quality A3 printing in the office without needless trouble, choose inkjet print heads, such as those produced by Konica Minolta.

But why are Konica Minolta’s inkjet print heads superior when it comes to quality and saving money?


The wonders of inkjet technology include the benefits of non-contact printing. Because inkjet print head such as Konica Minolta’s allow non-contact printing, the same print head can be used for a variety of media, which is ideal for industries. Rather than having to buy multiple devices and setting up complex and unnecessary printing systems, the Konica Minolta inkjet print head allows you to do it all with one device alone. Whether your industry requires printing on simple paper or complex textiles, Konica Minolta has you covered.

Superior Piezo Print Head Technology

What makes Konica Minolta’s print heads exceptional when it comes to A3 printing in the office is its advanced piezo print head technology. Using a 3-cycle drive design, power consumption has been reduced by 50% compared to normal values. With Konica Minolta, you can save money as well as help the environment by conserving energy.

High Performance, Built-In Heater

When it comes to A3 printing in the office, usually inkjet print heads run into the problem of overheating, which forces the ink to explode and create tiny ink droplets. Konica Minolta’s inkjet print head controls ink temperature and stabilizes it, allowing you to conserve ink without any problems. In the long run, this definitely helps you to save money.

Enables Precision Processing and Assembly Technology

One of Konica Minolta’s core technologies is precision processing technology. This makes sure that all of your products are of the highest quality, and it allows you to mass-produce products at a fast rate.

Utilizes Single-Pass Printing

Konica Minolta’s inkjet print heads utilize single-pass printing rather than the old-fashioned scan printing. While scan printing moves the cartridge across the media to print, single-pass printing makes sure that the print head covers the enter width of the media, so that the media travels rather than the print head itself. Because the print head does not have to move back and forth to print out one line, this allows A3 printing in the office to be much faster and efficient. This way, you can spend your time focusing on your business itself in the office and optimize earnings and productivity, rather than waste time waiting for your material to print.

The answer to how to save money within the office is easy – invest in a Konica Minolta A3 printer for your office. Having A3 printing in the office in a cost-efficient way. Soon, you will be able to make your products faster with higher quality, and this will have a great effect on your bottom line.

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