Abdomen Liposuction for a Trim Tummy

Localized deposits of fat in the abdominal region can be a major concern for both men and women. Diets and exercises often fail to work when it comes to addressing the issue. Abdomen liposuction can provide the solution. This plastic surgery procedure trims and reshapes the abdominal area. Today, leading plastic surgeons use advanced minimally-invasive laser-enabled technology such as FDA-approved SmartLipo Triplex to perform this body sculpting procedure. This has improved outcomes, patient safety, and recovery time.

How the Procedure is Performed

Cynosure‘s SmartLipo Triplex platform is can target fat deposits in large as well as small body areas. This revolutionary technology blends the power of three laser wavelengths – 1440, 1064 and 1320 nm – in one optimal package.

The area to be treated is first numbed with tumescent local anesthesia. The plastic surgeon then makes a tiny incision through which the small laser-enabled cannula is inserted under the skin into the fatty layer. The delivery of laser energy ruptures the cells, while coagulating the blood vessels and minimizing blood loss. A suction device is then used to aspirate the liquefied fat easily without causing injury or trauma. The heat produced by the laser also stimulates collagen formation and tightens the skin.

This procedure may last from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the amount of fat to be removed and the size of the area treated. Cynosure’s workstation features inbuilt safety systems that regulate energy delivery to minimize the possibilities of burns, hotspots and overtreatment.

Results are visible almost immediately for most patients, though complete results would take up to a year to be seen. The greater the amount of abdominal fat removed, the longer it can take to for the body to adapt to a normal shape.

Downtime is minimal as local anesthesia is used. SmartLipo treatment also features minimal bruising, swelling and other side effects, and patients are usually able to resume mild forms of activity soon, However, time for recovery may differ from case to case.

Patients need to know that this body shaping treatment is not a substitute for weight loss. Results can be maintained only with proper diet and exercise.

• Safe procedure
• Less bleeding and bruising
• Superior skin tightening effects
• High-definition sculpting capabilities
• Minimal downtime
• Less painful
• Fast recovery
• Barely visible scars

The success of laser liposuction surgery for abdominal sculpting depends greatly on the surgeon who performs it. Surgeons who are specially trained in this technique can provide good outcomes. Moreover, artistic skill and a deep understanding of how the patient’s superficial anatomy impacts physical appearance is crucial when it comes to providing attractive results.