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Abdominal Liposuction to Achieve a Trimmer, Tighter Tummy

Despite a healthy diet and regular exercise, many people struggle to get rid of stubborn fat in the mid-section. Abdominal liposuction is the ideal cosmetic surgical procedure for women looking to shape up after a pregnancy, men seeking to get rid of extra fat for a flatter abdomen or anyone who wants a trimmer, tighter tummy. Performed using the advanced laser-enabled technology SmartLipo Triplex, this procedure removes excess adipose tissue and tightens the skin to result in a smooth and attractive abdominal profile.

Why SmartLipo Triplex is Ideal for Abdominal Recontouring

This innovative workstation from Cynosure combines three lasers – 1064nm, 1320nm and 1440nm – in one optimal package and works to carefully liquefy fat cells for easy removal and to promote skin tightening for effective body sculpting. These different wavelengths make it ideal for smaller and larger fat deposits. The surgeon inserts the tiny cannula through a small incision made in the skin. Laser energy liquefies the fat cells and stimulates the production of collagen to tighten the loose skin. The liquefied fat is then easily suctioned out through the incision.

This technology differs from traditional liposuction in that it has a skin tightening element that enhances the quality of the skin. Abdominal liposuction using SmartLipo Triplex offers the following advantages:

• Minimal downtime
• Less painful
• Fast recovery
• Less bleeding and bruising
• Less evident post-operational scars.
• Boosts self confidence, self esteem and overall appearance.

With its adipose-specific technology, SmartLipo brings hi-definition liposuction procedure capability.

To avoid overtreatment, this technology comes with added additional safety features such as the three intelligent delivery systems – SmartSense™ with ThermaGuide™ and ThermaView™. These systems allow the device to intelligently heat and sense skin temperature to provide optimal skin tightening without any thermal injury. ThermaView™ is equipped with an infrared thermal camera that alerts the surgeon when the maximum recommended skin temperature is reached.

Outcome and Recovery

This surgery is usually carried out on an outpatient basis. Mild swelling and bruising at the treatment site can be expected. Recovery time is also minimal compared to traditional liposuction and most patients can resume mild forms of activity immediately after the treatment. Typically, every patient needs only one short treatment session. Immediate results seen soon after the procedure are a notable reduction in fat along with a more compact abdominal area. Permanent results – a slimmer and firmer abdomen – will be visible after a few months.

For the best results for liposuction of the abdomen, choose an established AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice dedicated to body contouring treatment using this novel technology. Such practices would have surgeons who are specially trained in using SmartLipo technology and perform hundreds of laser lipo procedures every month. With staff focused on ensuring patient safety and comfort, you would be ensured of a customized treatment plan and end-to-end care at a reliable facility.

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