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Abnormal Behavior & Psychological Disorders in Children

Movies like Paranormal Activity, Haunting in Connecticut and many others shows absurd behaviors in children. Though fiction based, mental disorders in reality are quite real caused by variety of social and psychological factors. Autism spectrum, learning disabilities or attention deficit hyperactive disorder are common reasons for a child behaving unusual. Lest you observe a kid with such symptoms or out of the ordinary then waste no time and consult primary psychologist before things gets rougher.

School & Home Environment
Around 80 to 90 percent cases of anomalous child behavior is due to disturbed school or home environment. Such children are often bullied by their guardians, further abused and neglected by society thus leaving a hollowed mark on their brain, turning them to act totally bizarre in dire circumstances. At times, they’ll act inappropriately at school, may appear timid and meager or even misbehave with others. School bullying is most common, having quite a pessimistic impact on young mind and further results in learning difficulty.

Child psychologists in Dubai as well as in every state where they practice also cited such actions a result of parent neglect. Therefore it’s the duty of responsible parents to portray as a role model and guide their children in every phase of life, especially when they’re amid learning stage. Plus, talk to the teacher or principal lest school is posing such threat.

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Autism refers to developmental turmoil causing brain atrophy and severe mutilation in a child’s thinking, language, communication, emotions and relational abilities. Common symptoms demonstrate in social interaction deficits, more like difficulty in both verbal and nonverbal communication.

Repetitive or obsessive behaviors and interests are typical among children when they start lagging behind their peers; it’s definitely a cause of concern. Symptoms of autism usually appear between 12 and 36 months however, it can be treated with behavioral intervention like interrogating sessions with a proficient psychologist.

Learning Disabilities
A most common ailment in children which held them back from being competent during studies! This is due to neurological disorders affecting psychological processes intervening between learning sessions. Children suffering from such snag are just as smarter as their peers however; they’re usually timid amongst other children. They may even outsmart other kids during many tests and exercises but fails when reading or writing is concerned. Careful training and individual attention may resolve the issue with time.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
ADHD: It’s distinguished by severe and recurrent inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impetuosity. Relevant symptoms include daydreaming, forgetfulness, fidgeting and blurting out inappropriately between discussions. It’s curable with proper psychotherapy, medication and behavioral sessions. Combining these three can be more effective and speedy recovery is possible.

Apparently, parents are first to notice a child’s strange behavior but this isn’t always the case. Adults who’re more attached to such kids like relatives, friends and even teachers may realize the change. Whoever notices may immediately consult with a medical professional to ensure a child is properly treated. Combined efforts of teachers, parents and of course doctors may result in speedy recovery from such ailments. In rare cases or if a child is behaving extremely violent, you may also consult anger management facilities in Dubai or wherever you’re residing.

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