About California Pell Grants Not Paid

California Pell Grants Not Paid

California Pell Grants not paid is applicable for students residing in California who wishes to finish their education but can’t afford it. This type of financial aid for undergrad students is free. Furthermore, the student is not obliged to return the money after finishing his college degree. However, funds should be returned to the school that awarded the grant if the student dropped his subjects. With that, what other details should you know about Pell Grants?


Compared to federal loans, Pell Grants is less complicated. Ideally, this grant is established for the purpose of giving aspiring college students a chance to finish a bachelor’s degree. However, this grant can only be awarded to those who came from low to moderate income families. Students, who don’t have any financial aid, work or low financial support from their parents can also be awarded with this grant. And since it is not a type of loan, poor students don’t have to worry about debts.

As of today, due to increase in demand, screening is done to ensure that only worthy students can avail it. Aside from that, only students belonging under the Expected Family contribution (EFC) lower than $3850 are eligible. What are the other qualifications you should know?

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) should be submitted by the student. Included in an FAFSA application are various documents such as bank statements, income tax return and investment records. These documents will act as a proof that you, as a student are in dire need of financial support.
  • High school diploma is also necessary including a good GED score. The student should also show that he is worthy by passing a mandatory test. Furthermore, passing the mandatory test would also prove that you can maintain a satisfactory grade all throughout your academic years which is highly necessary.
  • A legal document stating that the money granted will only be used for academic purposes should also be submitted.
  • US citizenship is another strict requirement. Non-citizens can also apply provided that an I-551C card and a valid Social Security number is submitted.


California Pell Grant not paid supports any college course that you enroll. However, this grant is only awarded by universities participating in the “Federal Student Aid Program”. To be precise, only universities with a federal school code that is 6 digits long can award you with the grant. Thus, it is necessary that before filing any applications, one must first do a thorough research or inquire at the university’s administration office to ensure that the grant will be awarded to you. In the website www.thepell.com, one can view the exact list of universities where Pell Grant is valid and awarded.


It is a common fact the education is not economical. Most students rely on student loans causing future debt problems. Scholarships and grants are the best option one can take to avoid incurring debts. Low-income students who really desire to finish a college degree and apply for a decent job afterwards would strive to earn a scholarship or grant money. There are numerous foundations and sponsors who can help you financially. California Pell Grant not paid for example is a program given to poor students who aspires to obtain a college degree.