News About Empowered UCLA Extension Program

About Empowered UCLA Extension Program


Empowered UCLA Extension is a career-enhancing program that has the ability to deliver fist class professional training through its UCLA Extension, by means of an iPad application.

This is a great option for the busy mom who wants to advance her education or the busy professional who wants to advance his or her career goals with a higher level degree or a specific degree. What better way to get an education and advance your career than in the convenience of your own home or office with one of the most recognized names in the American educational system.

Outstanding Academics

First of all, UCLA Extension is considered to be one of the country’s first and largest, as well as the most comprehensive professional higher education providers. As such, if you choose UCLA for your professional certification, you are guaranteed to have outstanding academics which will certainly help you to land on the best jobs in the country.

Excellent Instructor Quality

By choosing Empowered UCLA Extension for your professional certificate, you will be able to receive real world insights coming from expert instructors and practitioners who have advanced training and degrees themselves, as well as several years of experiences in the fields that they teach.

Unmatched Value

Empowered UCLA Extension’s proficiency on adult professional education coupled with the in-depth career services are guaranteed to provide you with an exceptional value which you cannot find in any other Internet-based education firms.


Career Driver Instruction

The Empowered UCLA Extension certificates that you will receive are prepared by the expert practitioners to give you with relevant job skills that can be transformed into real value which will be beneficial for your career, for your employers and for your business as well.

Full Immersion In your Chosen Field

Each certificate that you get to receive from Empowered UCLA Extension comprises of 6 to 9 instructor-led courses that are to be delivered in a total of four 10-week sessions. The certificates are integrated with hands-on projects along with career guidance, peer learning as well as job preparation. Other Internet-based education firms that provide professional certification only offer a few courses.

Saves Time and Great Value for your Money

With Empowered UCLA Extension, you will be able to save lots of time and money as compared with getting a graduate degree. The certificate that the UCLA Extension offers only takes 12 months, or one year to be completed. The great thing of all is that this will not cost you a big amount of money, and is definitely way cheaper as compared with graduate programs. Most of the graduate programs could take a minimum of two years to complete the entire duration of the course and most of these programs are even taught on location. This can be a big inconvenience to those who do not have the luxury of time in attending on-campus lectures.

About Empowered UCLA Extension Program
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