About High Pressure Water Cutting Tools

High Pressure Water Cutting Tools

High pressure water cutting tools, simply known as water jet cutters are used in cutting any forms of metals, glass and other elements like granite. This is ideal for materials that are sensitive to extreme heat. One may find this equipment in the fields of mining, engineering and even meat processing. Thus, as of today, it is considered as state of the art cutting equipment.


As early as the 1800’s, there are already recorded procedures that applies the principle behind water jet cutters, which is the use of pressurized water. In the 1930’s, Russia redeveloped this procedure. With the use of water cannon as a source of pressure, they tried to cut rocks with water and pressure. By the 1970’s further development of this tool was conducted in the United States of America. 1972 was the birth year of water jet cutters. Throughout the years, this tool was further enhanced and with technology applied, the crème de la crème of cutting tools was created and used effectively in different industries.

To expound the principle behind pressurized water and its ability to divide metals into two sections, the key player is the pressure involved in the procedure. With high pressure applied, water is capable of passing through hard materials. Unlike other cutters, these tools are not susceptible to dullness and overheat. Thus, water jet cutters controlled via computers can be used for cutting large amount of metals and other materials in a fast paced manner. It can also be used for long periods of time without the worry of equipment malfunction.

Benefits of water jet cutters

The main benefit of using high pressure water cutting tools is the absence of minor damages during the procedure. With water jet cutters, the cutting process is perfectly done. Thus, every material cut with this equipment remains intact. Unlike other cutters that causes heat related damages. This results to a cost effective production process allowing the user to save more.

Another benefit of water jet cutters is being environment friendly. This is one of the few technological products that are considered today as green-technology. Why so? Using this equipment will not result to formation of any chemical substances toxic or non-toxic. Aside from that, due to precision and accuracy of this equipment, waste disposal is not an issue. And lastly, the water used during the procedure can be filtered and disposed without any contaminants.

When used during meat processing, this method eliminates microbial contamination. This is primarily because of the absence of blade that comes in contact with the meat and its surroundings.

Buying water jet cutters

When buying water jet cutters, you can choose from a variety of sizes ranging from a working area of 1 square foot to 100 square feet. Opt for the one that can handle your required workload. If you’re aiming for a mass production in minimal time, you can opt for the larger versions. As for the water pumps used to create pressure, you can choose from water pumps that release pressure ranging from 40,000 psi to 100,000 psi. Hence, the best high pressure water cutting tools for you would depend on the purpose of your purchase.