About Hot Sauce – Buy Hot Sauce Online

Hot sauces are loved all over the world. If you are a fan of “HOT” in your food there is no easier way than to just pour some “hot” out of a bottle into your food. Sure you could buy hot peppers and cut them up and use them but a bottle or jar of hot pepper sauce will last much long than a fresh pepper. I even add hot sauce to recipes that I have put hot peppers in.

You can also get mixes of hot sauces where with hot peppers you would have to find each hot pepper. This way they are mixed up all ready in the bottle. You can also get hot sauce that is extremely intensified, so freaking hot it will feel like your lips and mouth are on fire. Believe me I have tried hot sauces like that.

I have a friend that once said to me that food should not cause pain. I agree but what fun would that be? I don’t know what it is about the heat in peppers and hot sauce but I just have to have it.

The nice thing about ordering hot sauce online is that you can choose from such a wide variety and everything is right there at your finger tips. You will also be able to pick from products that probably are not available at a retail store in your area.

One other thing that is great about ordering online is that the price is very reasonable.

Scoville units and what it means to you

The Scoville scale is the rating or measurement of the heat or hotness of a particular hot pepper or hot sauce etc. The name Scoville comes from the person who developed the Scoville test back in 1912 which was Mr. Wilbur Scoville.

The hottest on the scale is pure capsaicin at 16,000,000 Scoville units. The lowest being 0 which would be a sweet bell pepper.

Here are some products and peppers and their respective Scoville units so you can get an idea of where something you are familiar with might stand.

There are dozens of peppers and products on the scale I will just pick out a few going from not so hot to OH SO HOT!

– Tabasco Sauce 100-600 Scoville units

– Frank’s Redhot 450 units

– Jalapeno Pepper 2,500-5,000

– Hot Wax Pepper 5,000-10,000

– Serrano Pepper 6,000-23,000

– Cayenne Pepper 30,000-50,000

– Super Chile Pepper 40,000-50,000

– Blair’s After Death Sauce 49,250

– Scotch Bonnet Pepper 100,000-325,000

– Blair’s Mega Death Sauce 550,000

– Naga Jolokia Pepper 1,001,304

– Da’ Bomb The Final Answer 1,500,000

– Pure Capsaicin 16,000,000

Capsaicin is a component found in peppers that is responsible for the hot in the pepper.

My experience with Da’Bomb hot sauce

I had the pleasure (I think) one time of getting to try the Da Bomb hot sauce.

A few years ago I used to go almost every Thursday after work to a local bar for wing night with some of my coworkers. The guys that went always had a bit of a rivalry going when it came to how hot we could go. The hotter the better no matter how much it hurt.

We would never stop at peer pressuring one another into eating hotter and hotter wings. We also got to know the chef at the bar a bit and started teasing him about how his hottest wings were nothing short of being for sissy’s and anyone could eat them because they packed no heat.

Well the truth is that the hottest ones at this bar were hot but not burn your face off hot. A month or so after we started to harass the chef we showed up one Thursday for wings and of course we ordered the hottest wings on the menu.

The waitress brought us our wings and the chef walked out to say hi as we all grabbed for a wing.

I took one bite and I knew immediately that I would not be taking another one anytime soon.

My face and head started sweating and my lips and mouth felt like I would imagine a chemical burn would feel.

Off to the bathroom I went and grabbed a pile of paper towels and soaked them with cold water and applied it to my face. Holy crap it was hot.

After ten or fifteen minutes I was able to put the fire out on and in my face and return to my seat where the chef was standing having a good chuckle. He got us good.

He admitted though that he put about fifty times more on than the bottle recommended. Once the manager overheard us the chef was given a light tongue lashing.

I thought it was pretty funny after the swelling went down around my eyes and my lips ha-ha kidding the swelling wasn’t that bad.

Even though the chef taught us a lesson we never did let up on teasing him week after week. I still love hot sauces and hot peppers. I grow hot peppers every year.