About Parental Plans For Single Moms In The Military

Parental Plans for Single Moms in the Military

A soldier’s life is unpredictable, thus parental plans for single moms in the military is very crucial thing to know. This doesn’t mean that you as moms should expect the worse event possible. Knowing that your child will be protected and taken cared in your absence is something you can’t disregard. Especially in events that you are called into duty without prior notice. This is primarily because once you enlist yourself; the golden rule of being a soldier is strictly followed which is country first before anything else. Although as of today, military recruitment doesn’t allow single parents to enlist themselves, the problem arises when you became a single parent upon joining the military. With that being said, what are your options when it comes to family care plans?

Family Care plans

In terms of parental plan for single moms in the military, family care plans is the most important tool. There are three fundamental requirements necessary before military approval.

  • Short term care givers – In choosing for your care provider for short term basis, you can opt for a non-military guardian in your locality. This person should be available 24 hours a day, 7 times a week. In doing this a legal document is signed indicating that the chosen person understands all terms and conditions involved regarding your child’s needs and care. And of course you have to choose someone whom you can really trust.
  • Long term care givers – Aside from short term providers, you must also choose a care giver for a long term basis. There instances that you will be deployed in another country or at the sea for months. You don’t have to choose someone who is within your locality. You can opt for your immediate family as long term care providers. If you choose someone who lives miles away, you must reserve some funds for your children’s travelling expenses and other necessities.
  • Care necessity details – Aside from choosing care givers, you also have to include plans for your child’s care and support which includes relocation expenses, financial and medical support, and power of attorney entitling the chosen care giver to act as a legal guardian. Your child’s allotments, benefits and financial security details are also included in this category. Without these detailed plans, military will not allow you to participate in any military activities.

How family care plan is reviewed and submitted?

Once changes in family situations occur, you must inform your supervisor in charge, most likely the first sergeant about your family status within 30 days. Once informed, the military would give you a maximum of 60 days to submit your family care plan. It will be reviewed and approved by the supervisor in-charge. Every year your family care plan should be updated, reviewed and approved again. As for military mothers who have given birth, they are given 4 months after child birth to defer and construct their family care plans.

In ability to submit this document within the given time period would earn you an involuntary discharge from the service. Thus, it is very important that these parental plans for single moms in the military should be taken seriously not only for your children but for your career as well.