About Quality Queen Down Pillows

When you check out quality queen down pillows, you can expect to pay a pretty high price for them, especially if you want something that will last for a long time and deliver superior comfort. While you will find varying prices online and in the stores, you will have some very specific things you will need to keep in mind to make a good comparison. Let’s explore some of the reasons you may want to buy quality queen down pillows, and what to look for in your purchase.

What Types of Feathers are Used?

In general, you will be looking at duck, chicken or goose feathers. Goose is more expensive of the two and will typically be a better product. Down is actually the softer feathers that are under the rough and hard outer feathers on both species. A common trick is to sell and market pillows that are a mixture of down and the other feathers. A quality queen pillow will not have the outer feathers, or a very minimal amount. It’s common to advertise 50% down or something similar. You will not get nearly as much comfort out of your quality queen pillow unless it’s 100%. Keep this in mind before you make your purchase.

How Long They Last

When you check out a good product, you can expect it to last much longer. Traditional foam or cotton stuffed ones will break down quicker and ultimately cost you just as much are more in the long run. This is a good reason to choose quality queen down pillows to complete your bedding set. Some will have very long guarantees.

When you look to buy quality queen down pillows, go for ones that are rated with the highest fill power you can find. Anything over 500 is good, but 800 and up is the best. Of course, you will pay more when the fill power rating is higher.

Choosing a Case

Choosing a quality queen down pillow cover is very important. There will be some feather veins that will poke out from time to time, which are very uncomfortable. You will want to use a very thick case or use tow to help combat this.

Why So Expensive?

Little pieces of foam are much cheaper to make, so they cost less to buy. Now, with quality queen down pillows, or for that matter twins, full, or king sizes, you will pay a premium price. Since they are more expensive to make and very comfortable and longer lasting, most people are willing to pay the higher rates.

Super Comfortable

It’s just a much softer feeling product than most. If you find one that’s overstuffed and place your head on it, you will know exactly what I mean. Your head sinks into it and the softness is undeniable. You will probably get into a much deeper sleep from using comfortable, quality queen down pillows on your bed.

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