About Sears Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Sears Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Individuals who want to ensure clean and safe drinking water opts for Sears reverse osmosis water system. It is a mere fact that water is a major human need. With pollution at its peak, there are various methods advised by the World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure that everything you consume is free from microbes and contaminants. One in particular is this type of water system. It can filter bacteria of varying species, chemicals, pesticides and salts. To give you a more contrite manifestation, here are some facts that you ought to know about reverse osmosis water system.

The principle behind water purification

The method used to purify water in this type of water system is reverse osmosis. In contrast to its counterpart which is osmosis, reverse osmosis works through the process of forcing a solvent of high concentration into a lower concentration by passing through a filter system and a semi permeable membrane. With the aid of osmotic pressure, the strength required to make this process possible is acquired. To simplify things, imagine 1 gallon of water that is concentrated with toxic materials. By passing it into a filter system, the water becomes less toxic. The process goes on until the water is free from any contaminants. Thus, producing a safe and harm free drinking water.

As for Sears reverse osmosis water system, there are three parts of this type of water system where water is filtered, ensuring you that your water is 100% free from impurities. First, the pre-filter which is responsible in reducing particles such sand, chemicals like chlorine and undesirable odor caused by contaminants. After this stage, the water proceeds to the reverse osmosis cartilage. This is the semi permeable membrane of the water system. Its main role is to dissolve and store the particles and chemicals present in the water that are not filtered during the first stage. And the last part is the post-filter system. Before water comes out of the faucet, it will first pass through this part in order to reduce undesirable odor and taste, if it is still present.

Why opt for reverse osmosis water system?

The very main reason to opt for this type of water system is to guarantee that your water is free from impurities. However, most communal water suppliers are mandated to issue annual report for water quality. What is not included in this report is the presence of pesticides. Before purchasing one, you might want to update yourself of this annual report. If your water supplier has an efficient water system and reliable annual report, you can opt for a cheaper filtration system. This would hinder you from purchasing unnecessary equipments.

Nonetheless, water quality today is top priority. Most individuals have no time to boil water to ensure absence of pathogenic microbes and this method doesn’t eliminate the presence of chemicals and salts. In addition to that, reverse osmosis improves the taste of water by eliminating salt particles. What more can you ask for? All you need to do is to purchase Sears reverse osmosis water system at sears.com for an estimated price of $150 to $480 depending on the size, model and brand you prefer.