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Small Stick on Round Clocks

The latest models of today’s time pieces are small stick on round clocks. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for digital, analog or those types that are designed with built-in calendars. The beauty of stick-on clocks is that you can place it almost anywhere. You can place it in your working area, bathroom, and kitchen. You can also place one in your cars and motorcycles. And thus, this can be a great alternative for individuals who are not comfortable using watches every now and then. You can place one or two pieces of stick-on clocks in your favorite areas and let it serve its purpose. You can purchase one for an estimated price of $6 to $15 or more depending on the design you prefer.

Types of stick on round clocks

When buying for small stick on round clocks there are various deigns you can opt for. Digital stick-on clocks are the top choice for most. Unlike analog types that tell time through angles, with digital clocks numbers are shown instead. Aside from these two, you can also opt for the stop-watch style, alarm clock and those that have built-in calendars. At this point, the best design would depend on your clock requirements and preferences.

As for the size, stick-on clocks vary in sizes ranging from 1 inch to 10 inches in diameter or sometimes bigger. If you are going to stick it in your walls, it is best that you purchase clocks that are of small to medium sizes. Big clocks have the tendency to fall from the wall due to its weight. Clock’s adhesions have limits, if it carries more that it can carry; it can lose its adhering properties.


When it comes to small stick on round clocks, there is only one major problem and that is removing it. Once removed, the next problem would be its adhesiveness. Most stick-on clock’s ability to adhere is reduced to almost half of its original strength. Thus, it is best that before sticking it in place; make sure that your chosen location would be permanent. However, if it is inevitable, you can purchase double sited foam tapes. It can help increase the stickiness of the stick-on clocks.

Stick-on round clocks can be a good wall decor and an effective time teller. However, another drawback is the price. In a practical point of view, purchasing a $15 clock is a bit pricey. Nonetheless, there are other alternatives you can opt for. With a little innovation, you can use them as stick-on round clocks.

Make your own stick on round clock

Making your own stick on round clock is easy and can be very affordable. If you are opting for the cheapest, you can purchase one dollar watches with removable bands. Once you’ve removed the band, just place a double sided tape at the back and stick it on the wall. Just make sure that the double sided tape is of good quality for long lasting adhesions. And with that, using small stick on round clocks can be very convenient, affordable and in style.

About Small Stick On Round Clocks
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