Abraham Hicks Skeptic – Is Esther channelling 'Abraham'? Or, more likely, Jerry Hicks!

Learn why Jerry Hicks’ Amway background cannot be overlooked when exploring the Abraham Hicks phenomenon!

The real question I intend to pose with this article, is ‘do you believe in incredible coincidences’? Some people think a coincidence can be a sign of ‘divine intervention’. Considering myself to be a fairly open minded individual, I can’t say I totally disagree with that. But then there are other’coincidences that are, well, just so mindblowing, they deserve closer inspection…

I’m referring to Jerry HIcks’ pre-Abraham days. It’s no secret that Jerry Hicks was once a highly successful ‘Amway’ distributor. That, in and of itself, raises no real flags for me (MLM’s, like ’em or hate ’em…they’re everywhere).

However, when I watched a dateline expose on Amway it became shockingly clear that Amway’s top earners were getting rich, not only from the sale of vitamins and toasters, but from the marketing and sale of motivational materials. These materials, including books, tapes, and ‘pay to attend’ seminars, were marketed to the ‘Amway’ faithful (the high roller’s downline), and focussed on ‘Law of Attraction’, ‘Power of the Mind’, ‘Fake it ’til you make it’ type success strategies.

Moreover, Jerry Hicks attributes his Amway success to his adherance to the teachings of Napoleon Hill, in his motivational book, Think and Grow Rich. In his book, Mr. Hill outlines 17 principles for success. (Understand that I like Hill’s principles – I think his book contains some excellent advice, but that isn’t why we’re on the topic). I bring your attention to principles 13 and 17. Principle 13 states: ‘To govern your life, you must be able to govern your mind, and that is the starting point of all riches’. Principle 17 states: The cosmic habitforce is the universal law of equilibrium; the one natural law into which all other natural laws resolve themselves’.

So here we have Napoleon Hill talking about controlling your thoughts as a means to get to the ‘starting point of all riches’ and about the existence of ‘Cosmic Habitforce’; a (you heard it here first) Universal law – ‘into which all other natural laws resolve themselves’.

For any of you who are familiar with the teachings of the ‘group of entities’ supposedly ‘channelled’ by Esther Hicks, you may find some astonishing coincidences between ‘Abraham’s’ ‘Vortex of Attraction’ and uncompromising focus on ‘Vibration Raising’ through thought focus, and some of Napoleon Hill’sPrinciples.

Isn’t it a huge coincidence that a guy who studied ‘Think and Grow Rich’ ; who marketed and sold motivational tapes and books; who organized and promoted ‘pay to attend’ seminars – all of which focus on using the power of thought to invoke universal ‘laws’ in an effort to get rich; isn’t it a huge coincidence that this guy ends up marrying a woman who is later chosen by a ‘group of non physical beings’ , to become their human channel? And further, that this same group of ‘non physical’ entities, are here to teach humanity the value of positive thinking, law of attraction, and, yes, how to ‘get rich’ using the power of the mind? Well this is just too much of a coincidence for me…I don’t think there’s anything ‘divine’ about this one!

Which brings me to the only logical question: Is Esther Hicks channelling a group of non-physical entities called ‘Abraham’ or her opportunistic husband, Jerry Hicks?