Abraham Hicks Struggles For Life On A Ghost Website

A ghost Abraham Hicks website has been floating around out there for almost a year. It’s going through transitions as if struggling to be born without knowing what it wants to be or who its folks are.

Abraham Hicks Ghost Website History

(Note: Esther Hicks announced that Jerry Hicks died on November 18.)

Last December, when Jerry Hicks was battling fatigue that ultimately turned out to be caused by leukemia, he searched for easier ways to rich his and Esther Hicks core audience for what they call “the teachings of Abraham.”

Another factor was that, after being denied trademark rights for “law of attraction” (because they didn’t invent it), Abraham Hicks Publications did get control of “vortex or attraction,” an ultra clunky phrase that suggests being sucked into turmoil. It was at least original.

In a possible effort to move off their established platform where Jerry and Esther falsely claimed “Here’s where it all started,” in reference to the popular “law of attraction,” Jerry set up a Vortex of Attraction Website.

Click on the link, if you like, but I’ll save you the trouble. It’s not just funky looking, with the longest possible main heading I’ve ever seen, it’s also full of dead end links.

It even has a “Vortex Store.” No joke. And a section for “Jerry’s Picks,” but the link is not live; so, you’re on your own with that one.

There is, happily, a safety hatch. A tab is almost always available to jump ship, which is what Jerry Hicks actually did after starting this dog and having to abandon it because, well, dogs can’t really sing. (Sorry, maybe a few can, but the vortex of attraction dog definitely can’t.)

If you follow the trail a while, you discover that, after Jerry Hicks abandoned the effort, the website was later resuscitated to house the Abraham LIVE streaming workshops. As it hangs out there now, it’s lost all its weight so that it’s drawers have dropped off, exposing (not what you think) links to a schedule for events in 2011 and 2012 that are void of content.

That is, there ain’t nothin’ to show, but they left the site live for some reason.

What they are trying to get to more recently is a new angle the Abraham Hicks Spiritual Philosophy and anything else you can shove in the bucket. Nothing going on, but they seem to be finding a way to host webcasts, none of which are scheduled. Sort of a spiritual dead end.

What’s Up With The Abraham Hicks Ghost Website?

Apart from this being someone’s effort to set up a platform that may be able to host future Abraham LIVE events online, although they have been plagued with technical problems and not enough attendance to warrant keeping them going.

Another interest may be in trying to nail down Google keyword searches by stuffing as much gunk in the main heading as possible. If so, a book like Search Engine Optimization For Dummies might be helpful. The webmasters, using the term lightly, in charge of this know less than most beginners.

Before severing a relationship their long term web designers, Abraham Hicks took a commanding hold on web searches in their territory, nailing down most of Google’s front page for their key words. Lucky for them, for now, the legacy is still holding up. For all my best efforts, I still can’t get a chance to stick my tongue out at Abraham Hicks for running a scam until page two.

Correction: I finally creeped onto page one. Maybe honesty and facts over manipulative hype matter.