Abraham Hicks: The Sequel

With the death of Jerry Hicks, the Abraham Hicks Publishing operation lost “the smart one” from the spiritual marketing dynamic. Esther Hicks isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, and although it was certain that something would be done to keep the cash flowing, the details have only recently become clear.

Esther and Her Team Remake Abraham-Hicks

It should come as no surprise to anyone who watched Esther Hicks coolly exploit her dying husband’s illness by using it to encourage ticket sales that she is using his claimed afterlife to prop up the same workshop sales and events.

Jerry Hicks’ battle with cancer, claimed to last just six months, although evidence suggests longer, became public when, in an email blast signed by Jerry, he bobbed and weaved like a point guard in trying to induce eager to believe cult followers that he was receiving “heavy chemotherapy” for a spider bite.

When this proved too crazy, even for the most gullible followers, Esther took the wheel (obviously with more polished help) to begin sending cheery updates, by way of email blasts, to the fan base. Each ham-handedly pivoted to a solicitation for ticket sales for workshops and online events. One, for example, explained that Jerry was enjoying the online events while convalescing home… and so can you. Call…

The emails stopped when a combination of criticism and Jerry Hicks failing health seemed to leave Abraham-Hicks Publications uncertain or divided on how to proceed with his deteriorating illness and how it was dealt with seemed to discredit the “teachings of Abraham” that made them rich.

Rather than respond directly to skeptics, even among followers threatening to drop out with disillusion, Esther Hicks and her team simply decided to pretend questions were never raised. This was especially harmful to the faithful among her followers because it left them to fish around for explanations on their own, suggesting for many that their greatest fears about Abraham-Hicks were coming to life.

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Up Up and Away with Jerry Hicks

Some suggest that, during this period of silence, Esther and Jerry Hicks were scrambling around in search of alternative therapies for his leukemia, a search that may have taken them all the way to South Korea. Disenchanted believers began to wonder why conventional and alternative therapies were being preferred over the fast and easy cures Esther frequently described.

Toward the end of summer, in an ill-advised and clumsy marketing effort, Esther and Jerry Hicks broke a long silence with a peculiar email blast. It included happy family photographs of the extended Hicks clan going off for a joy-filled balloon ride. Referring to one picture that showed the whole gang packed into a gondola, ready for flight, the email noted that, although that gondola was sure crowded, the next Abraham-Hicks workshop had lots of space available, and of course, this was followed with directions on how to sign up.

What made this so strange, and for some, even sickening, was how they jammed Jerry into the back corner of the gondola, like a homunculus, apparently unable to stand, but waving bravely. The man had only weeks to live.

In the next few weeks before Jerry’s death, Abraham-Hicks Publications began canceling cruises, workshops and online presentations until only one remained in December.

Then, only the day before Thanksgiving, Esther sent out an email blast, informing followers that Jerry had died five days before. No obituary has been found or death certificate. The message itself, not surprisingly, was much more about Esther, a narcissist, than Jerry. He died, but it was something that happened to her.

Esther Hicks Reinvents Abraham-Hicks

Less than a week after the announcement of Jerry Hicks death, Abraham-Hicks Publications resurrected a recently canceled workshop for early December. All things considered, that workshop was not the only thing about to be resurrected.

As I wrote about in Abraham-Hicks 2.0, Esther coyly suggested that Jerry Hicks might be making appearances at future workshops, which her team began scheduling in earnest throughout 2012.

And appear he did, according to Esther, as a sort of sidekick for Abraham. This was odd because not even the infinitely wise entities that gathered as one in Abraham (including Jesus, Esther claims) ever made individual statements. Or statements at all. Esther had always said she interpreted “blocks of thought,” not direct verbal messages.

That changed as Jerry first emerged as merry jester. Esther would say something that got a titter from them audience and remark, “That was Jerry.”

More significant, she also had him involved in the private lives of audience members. Jerry had always had a strange thing for seeing sequential numbers on digital clocks and arguing that they were messages from the spirit world. 5:55 was a favorite. A man in Abraham’s “hot seat” mentioned seeing that very number the morning after reading about Jerry Hicks’ death.

“That was Jerry,” Esther said.

Then, the audience member claimed to later see his clock go from 5:55 to 5:54 and back again to 5:55, Esther said, “Also Jerry.”

How busy the afterlife must be, fixing all those clocks five possible sets of sequences, each twice a day. Hell, at least Jerry has something to keep him busy.

Although her Abraham-Hicks workshops are dwindling in popularity, Esther Hicks seems convinced of her ability to pull them off, using a combination of profoundly repetitious “teachings,” unexceptional personal stories that don’t quite pull off the examples intended and the resurrection of Jerry Hicks.

Esther Hicks let’s Abraham describe her as “a tank” for her durability, but it’s her resilience and determination to keep the cash flowing that seems more impressive. She has plenty enough to retire and get away from it all, but either from ego or the pleadings of a small group of hangers on, factotums and kiss-ups who’ve made a living off the Abraham game, she shows no signs of quitting.

In fact, an all new gambit recently appeared, suggesting the next trend in marketing Abraham-Hicks. Where their email blasts for ticket sales used to be signed off, “Love, Esther and Jerry,” the sayonara now reads:

Our Love,
Esther, Abraham/Jerry and our Abraham-Hicks traveling team

To my way of thinking, the Abraham/Jerry combination was evident from the beginning anyway, but now she’s acknowledging that the whole production is a team effort, sort of a New Age Charles Dickens creation.

Let’s see what happens next as the “traveling team” tries to come up with just the right Esther/Jerry/Abraham combination.

David Stone, Writer