News Abstinence – Will True Love Really Wait?

Abstinence – Will True Love Really Wait?


When you engage in sex when you are married it has a lot of meaning. It means you are in love with your husband. It means in many cases that you are committed to try to procreate. It is a sharing of love and faith in marriage between two people who are married. One thing you must believe is that true love waits. When you are not married then the sexual act is really just that, an act or action. It does not mean there is any love involved and doesn’t mean there is any real commitment either. The easy sex days of the 1960’s has past and today many do believe true love waits.

Abstinence Is The Best Form

There is only one sure way to insure a person does not get pregnant and that way is abstinence. True love waits for as long as it takes. If there is true love then yes, true love waits until it is the right time. Many times this will mean until the two people are involved are mature enough to get engaged with plans to get married. Sometimes the wait involves prior commitments such as serving in the Armed Forces. It might have to wait until college is completed. Finances may also be involved. However there is not reason to doubt true love so refrain from engaging in casual sex.

Anticipations Goes Along With Abstinence

Yes there are many forms of birth control that allows a person to engage in casual sex however only one works every time for certain and that form of birth control is abstinence. But the best part of abstinence and believing that true love waits is the glory of giving yourself to your husband and having the act be for the first time ever. So yes, if you are truly on love and respect each other then yes true love waits for the act of marriage.

The Glorious Act Of True Love

True love waits and when you have waited to have casual sex until after you are married then when you go to your husband as his newly married wife then the act of engaging in sexual relations will be very powerful. It is that act which binds the two of you together. So when you consider the importance of believing that true love waits you will know the glory of that commitment to each other.

Abstinence – Will True Love Really Wait?
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