AC Power Cords Of Different Kinds And Functionalities

We can see that there are different kinds of AC power cords with different specifications and different voltage capacities. Not only has this but they also come in different sizes. There are some cords which require special adapters toget proper connection of supply as they cannot be adjusted without adapters. Therefore it is important to find out the most appropriate power cords for home usage and appliances.

The AC power cords can be easily detached or fastened from the main electricity supply.

The cord with the ability of getting detachment comes in with unique sockets. These unique sockets help in avoiding the danger from sharp protruding pin.

In United Kingdom we might see cords with distinctive twist-locking options. We can also find special buttons to reduce the elements of accidental disconnection or short circuit dangers at either one or at both the ends. Below are some of the common types of AC cords.

Hospital grade power cords

These are the very important cords which must be certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). We will find that there are three types of such cords. These three types of the cords are the cords with one end, with two ends and the last type of multi-leg cords. The first kind of the cord is best suited for bigger appliances which need more voltage. The second kind of cord is best suited for those appliances which have built-in inlet. The last type of cord is best suited for more than one receptacle.

The Grounded AC cords

Grounded AC cords are another type of AC cords which have three-prong which are linked at each end. The third prong among the three is responsible for keeping the outlet energetic. There is a possibility that they might be connected to floor wire. Some of these AC cords also have metallic protect to include electromagnetic radiation. These kinds of cords are of high prices. These cords are also much safer.

The Ungrounded power cords

This is another type of the cords which has two prong connectors at every end. Moreover there is a very skinny plastic covering on the wires. The best part of these kinds of cords is that they can get fit into any kind of socket. Along with advantages they have some disadvantages too. The major one of this kind of cord is that these cord sare more susceptible to short circuits.

The Appliance Cords

These are the cords with three or four prong connectors. They are attached in the primary supply. Some of these cords are connected permanently for the AC.

These are the few types of AC power Cords which are very commonly used for different purposes.