Accessibility Equipment for the Elderly

Many people develop problems related to balance, strength, vision, memory and other issues that can increase their risk of falls and injury. Mobility issues restrict free movement, most often causing seniors to depend on others for moving around and to the different floors of a building. Stairways, decks or even porches can pose challenges for those with mobility problems. Fortunately, there is a wide range of safe and reliable accessibility equipment available to suit the needs of the elderly, enhancing their independence and making life easier for them.

Different Types of Mobility Equipment for Seniors

There are different types of mobility devices available today and it’s important to choose the equipment that will meet the needs of the older adult. The best way to do so is the browse the websites of established dealers of accessibility equipment. This will help you from various types of devices as those mentioned below:

• Elevators offer smooth, comfortable and safe travel from floor to floor. Your building must have sufficient space to accommodate one. They are also more expensive that other mobility options though some dealers offer special pricing on systems bought out of medical necessity. Leading brands offer systems integrated with superior safety features such as automatic controls, safety sensors, emergency stop buttons, emergency alarm and lighting, in-cab telephone system, handrails on platform and more. Some of the popular models include – Savaria Infinity, Cambridge Elevating Cambrian, Federal Elevator Renaissance, Savaria Eclipse and more.

• Stair lifts – Stair lifts are an ideal option in homes where staircases pose a challenge for those mobility issues. There are lifts for different types of staircases – winding, curved or one with multiple landings. Straight stairlifts are meant for straight staircases. A curved stairlift can be customized for a curved stairway or one with landings. Electra-Ride LT and Electra Ride Elite from Bruno, SL-1000 and B.07 from Savaria are popular models for straight staircases. Stairfriend from Savaria, Acorn 180 and Bruno Electra Ride –III are ideal for curved staircases.

• Wheelchair lifts – These mobility devices help wheelchair users or those with mobility issues to freely access the different levels of a building. They are suitable when a ramp or elevator is not a feasible option. They come in different models and can be installed to suit the structural specifications of a building. Vertical platform lifts allow smooth and easy access to different floors of a multistoried building (both within inside and outside a home). Popular models include Multilift, V1504, and Prolift from Savaria. On the other hand, inclined platform lifts can be used where wheelchair users need access over a straight flight of stairs, and when an elevator or vertical lift cannot be installed. Such settings include homes, churches, schools or small offices. Top models offered by Savaria are ES-125, Delta, Omega and S-64.

• Ceiling lifts – These devices can help those seniors who cannot move on their own between pieces of furniture or equipment like between bed and wheelchair due to decreased mobility. One of the main benefits of the device is that it helps to overcome mobility barriers while keeping floor space free. They also make life easier for caregivers. Some popular models include HM2500 Series Track Systems, C-300, and 2000 Series Track-to-Track™ Systems.

Locate a Reliable Dealer

Regardless of the accessibility equipment you need, it is important to purchase it from an established dealer. Browse online to select a dealer. Make a comparison of products in terms of its features, technical specifications, and cost. An established dealer will offer a wide range of quality equipment at competitive prices as well as superior post-sales support like installation, inspection, and repair and maintenance services.