News Acing the College English Assessment Test

Acing the College English Assessment Test


Taking a college English assessment test can be a daunting challenge. After all, not everyone is well versed in the nuances of what the English language provides in grammar, phonetics, or the fact that a word can have three different spellings to mean three different things, but all three word are pronounced the same way. Whether you struggle with reading comprehension, writing, or pronunciation, we’ve got some tips here that will help you get the best grade possible on that college English assessment test.

Preparing to Take a College English Assessment Test

The day you find out you need to take a college English assessment test is the day that you need to start preparing for it. Budget your time from day one to make sure that you have sufficient time to study, so that you are well prepared for the test. Find out if there are practice assessment tests you can take, and then go over any material from those practice tests, any sample problems you can find on the internet, review materials you may have… even your high school English textbooks and school notes if you have them. Having access to good information will give you the confidence to ace that assessment test.

Do Overprepare; Don’t Cram

Just like many stay up well into the wee hours of the morning to take an important test in school, many others utilize the same practice when it comes to taking a college English assessment test. There is a big difference between cramming and over preparation. Cramming means waiting until the last minute, studying everything as much as possible the night or a couple nights before the test, and then stumbling in bleary-eyed to your examination. Being over prepared is like a football player looking at game tapes. Knowing what you do during a test, what your test is going to be like, and what kind of things you need to accomplish in order to succeed are all your best friends.

Use Your Time Wisely; Don’t Rush

Many college English assessment tests are timed, which means many test takers feel a propensity to rush through the test to make sure they have answered all the questions. Don’t do that. Instead, budget your time, use it wisely, and make sure you read each question thoroughly so that you understand it before attempting to answer it. In fact, many college English assessment tests do not penalize test takers for not answering a question.

Elaborate, Elaborate, Elaborate

If given the opportunity to either answer a question briefly or answering the question elaborately, always choose to elaborate. A college English assessment test is a measurement of how well you use the English language, so taking every opportunity to flaunt what you know will only lead to you scoring higher on the assessment. Even if you do not fully understand a question, showing how well you elaborate will still help improve the scores for the question.

Finally, the best advice may be to not panic. Certainly assessments can be intimidating, but from an overall prospective, a college English assessment test is simply a tool used to gauge how much you currently know so that you can be placed into appropriate classes.

Acing the College English Assessment Test
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