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Skin that is acne free is what we all start off with when we are little until that day when we get our first pimple. That youthful skin is what we all try hard to maintain. Acne is not only annoying and embarrassing, but is also a contributor to a lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem. This is very common for teenagers to experience.

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When someone is entering the stage of puberty, their most critical concern will be their physical appearance. Having an acne problem does not help it. Acne prevention isn’t easy even for those who have a strong knowledge on proper acne control. Acne will not be prevented from breaking out on skin’s surface unless something is done about it. Time is one of the most important factors in the course of acne treatment.

Without proper and daily maintenance, the skin will very likely react unfavorably when the factors that cause acne begin to take effect. Out of all those claimed ‘proven to be effective’ ways to maintain acne free skin, here are the 3 secrets that surely work effectively without wasting a penny:

Eat a healthy and balanced diet

The skin needs to be nourished. Eating well-balanced and healthy meals can do this. Avoid too many carbohydrates, sugars, and caffeine. They help in activating the sebaceous glands which will produce excessive amounts of oil. The excess amount of oil is trapped in the pores along with the dead skin cells and develops into white heads and blackheads. They will then develop into acne once infected by an acne causing bacteria.

The body needs healthy foods so that each of its parts will be able to maintain a strong defense against infection. Eat a lot of vegetables especially the colorful ones, fruits, nuts and other healthy foods. Avoid fatty and salty ones.

Drink plenty of water

The body needs a lot of water to be able to maintain the skin’s elasticity. If the body lacks water, the skin cells will not performs its natural function, thus the tissue will not be able to maintain its elastic property.

Water helps in taking out all the toxic waste in the body that was filtered by the kidneys. The toxins that were filtered by the kidneys go out in the form of urine and some through perspiration. Without a sufficient amount of water in the body those toxins will just be stored inside. The only way to purify the body is with the help of water. This process works properly if there is enough of a supply of water to carry the waste away.

The recommended amount of water intake a day is 6 to 8 glasses. Never wait for thirst before drinking water. Thirst is already a sign of water dehydration. Drink a lot of water as well before going to sleep so as to not dehydrate the body. Sleeping will be the longest time your body goes without fluid intake. Just keep a habit of always drinking water, as this is a giant step towards an acne free skin.

Regular exercise

Having a routine exercise helps the body in maintaining a good blood circulation. The blood helps in the transportation of nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body including the skin. It is also the best way to release stress and tension as they cause muscle spasms that inhibit the proper flow of blood in the body. If skin lacks oxygen, the cells will eventually die. Poor blood circulation will defeat the purpose of eating a healthy and well balanced diet if its nutrients will not be delivered to the skin. It also helps the body clear the toxins especially those in the skin.

The body needs all of these to maintain flawless and acne free skin. It does not cost a lot of money, but is proven to be the safest and most effective acne regimen.

The above acne free treatment is very simple to incorporate into your life. It may take a lot of effort on your part to commit to regularly eating fruits and vegetables, but it will be worth it when you do. This is probably the least expensive severe acne treatment available. You should try it first before your start putting chemicals on your face.

If all else fails, you can find some natural acne free products for your face and body. There are a lot of home remedies that are worth trying too. You may have to experiment to see what will work for you. It may take a combination of things to handle your acne. You can check out the acne free reviews online and see what has been working for others. You may be surprised at what you find out. There is a lot of information to sort through.

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