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Acne Remedies with Natural Hemp

Ah, those awkward teenage years, body parts like ears and feet growing at a rate not quite matched by the rest of the body, finding out that girls (or boys) aren’’t quite as bad as you once imagined, and the start of acne. Sometimes it’s a wonder that we live through them. Unfortunately, sometimes we make it through with a few new scars, be it emotional or physical (like those pesky acne scars that happen when you don’t take care of the problem correctly). While I’m not going to venture into the emotional scars, I will be taking a stab at helping to prevent some of those physical ones.

Acne scars tend to develop when the follicles in the skin get blocked, the blocked follicle starts to inflame due to bacterium growing in the follicle resulting in blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and even at times seborrhea or scaly red skin.

Most acne home remedies normally include frequent washing of the affected area (usually the face). Unfortunately over cleansing of the face, especially with harsh soaps often makes the problem worse. Soaps can often dry the skin and flakes of this dry skin start to block more of the pores. Making things worse, whiteheads are often popped leaving acne scars, something that is very difficult to remove even with more advance cosmetic surgery.

Acne Free Skin

If you are prone to heavy acne, likely no acne product is going to be able to completely free you skin of acne, but there are many products that can help lessen the damage caused by acne. For example, birth control can help acne. At other times the best thing to do is just hide some of the acne redness with a little “cover-up”, and yes sometimes guys try this too. The best treatment though comes from daily caring for your skin, with the right products. When you skin is healthy you will naturally have less acne.

First it’s good to understand that facial oil is not your enemy. In fact removing too much of it is want causes dry skin which can make your acne worse. Now before you decide that this is your excuse to take on a steady diet of greasy hamburgers and French fries you need to understand that not all oil is good for you skin. When looking for skin care products look for ones that are rich in Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, these help your skin retain water and become healthier as a result.

Hemp Seed Oil

One of the better natural sources of this healthy oil is Hemp seed oil. Unlike many other types of oil, Hemp seed oil has the ability to directly penetrate the skin delivering those essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants into the deeper areas of the skin helping your skin heal from the inside out.

Inflammation is one of the main reasons for acne scars and hemp seed oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties that is useful in treating a number of different skin problems like sunburns, abrasions, stretch marks and yes, acne. To find out more on how help seed oil can help you read this article on Hemp Healing Properties.

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